Top 5 Home Decor Trends for 2014

The new year is a time for new beginnings. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to update your home decor, you might need a few ideas to help you choose chic, up-to-date looks that will help bring your home into 2014. From the kitchen, to the bathroom, to your living room and bedroom, here are the top five home decor trends to incorporate into your 2014 redesign.

1. Neutral bases with colorful accents
Design blogger Arianna Vargas told House Beautiful magazine that the best rooms in 2014 will feature a neutral base with colorful accent pieces. This makes it easy to change up your design just by switching out your accessories. For example, choose neutral shades for the walls and big furniture items, then add color with throw pillows, area rugs and discount curtains, which you can change anytime you’re getting bored.

2. Fun fabrics
Patterned fabrics with geometric or floral prints will reign supreme in 2014, according to Whether you choose vintage-inspired designs or modern prints, it’s easy to mix and match fabrics when you know the rules: Make sure they’re the same general size and that they include similar colors. From bedding, to window treatments, to sofas, you can add patterns anywhere.

3. Mixed metals
Forget about sticking to one type of metal throughout your entire home: It’s more interesting when you mix them up a bit, according to interior design blogger Devon Dyer. Pair silver with gold or tin with copper for an unexpected twist.

4. Stand-alone tubs
If you want a more luxurious bathroom, Neil Kelly Company recommended ditching your built-in bathtub. Instead of a tiled ordeal that takes up a lot of space, opt for a stand-alone tub if you’re a frequent bather and want an interesting architectural element added to your space. There are styles of tubs to match any type of design scheme.

5. Traditional style
Design blogger Erin Gates told House Beautiful that more homeowners are choosing to go with traditional decor rather than modern or eclectic designs. This calls for timeless colors and furniture items that will remain relevant for years to come. Add tailored curtains, symmetrical furniture arrangements, sophisticated yet casual accessories and neutral color schemes to nail the look. But don’t be afraid to keep a few of your more interesting items on display – it never hurts to show personality in your design!