Tips for Designing a Comfortable and Functional Office

If you’re a business owner, you might be wondering how best to outfit your office. More than likely, your clients and employees will be viewing this space on a regular basis, which means it should be attractive and comfortable. Of course, you’ll also need to get work done in the space. So how can you make the design perfect?

First, opt for a neutral color scheme with one or two brighter accents. The vibe should be exciting, but not so bold that the colors might be distracting. Choose neutral walls and bring in other shades with window treatments or even houseplants for a pop of flair.

Proper lighting is also important, so make sure you have task lighting at your desk and natural light available by choosing sheer curtains. Softer light might be best, as harsh illumination can be jarring.

Finally, don’t mix and match your decor. The office should look professional and planned out, not like it was thrown together on a whim with objects you decided on randomly. This can give your visitors the sense that you’re a competent and reliable business owner.