Three Ways to Make Vintage Decor Elements More Modern

Vintage items often have a lot of personality, which means they can be a welcome break from the sometimes bland colors and shapes that come with modern decoration. You wouldn’t want to create a room that looks like it came directly out of the 20s or 60s, so it’s always good to mix vintage and modern designs. Here are three ways to do so.

1. Layer the eras. Pick vintage items from several different time periods – not just one. When you have a cohesive collection, bring in modern touches like tier curtains, light fixtures or area rugs.

2. Group items together. Instead of spreading out your vintage stuff, create thoughtful, put-together collections that look like art in your space. A lamp, figurine and bowl can all work in the same set if the heights are varied and there’s a similar color tying them together.

3. Mix in neutral colors. Vintage accent pieces might have a lot of different hues involved, so add plenty of neutral elements to the room to prevent color overload. Gray, beige or cream walls can perfectly set off your unique items.