Taking Advantage of Trends When It Comes to Window Treatments

As the seasons change, so do trends in interior design. More specifically, colors and patterns tend to grow and wain in popularity as homeowners’ taste in decor alter each year. However, there are some trends that have become mainstays in the interior design world when it comes to kitchen curtains, drapes and other window treatments.

HGTV states that one of them is jewel tones. These hues can be defined as colors, such as emerald green to sapphire blue – deep, elegant shades that can give a more traditional feeling to a room. Jewel tones can have an especially large effect when it comes to long drapes and curtains.

Another trend that doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon is sheer window treatments. Curtains that allow natural light into a space can make it feel larger and more welcoming, making these type of window treatments popular.

Whether you have a love for wooden blinds or Park Design curtains, there are several trends you can take advantage of to keep your living spaces updated, fresh and inviting to those who visit.