Seven Easy Ways to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

If you live in an apartment or have a bathroom or living room that’s particularly short on space, there are ways that you can make your living area seem bigger. With the right furniture choices, strategic placement of window treatments and a few added elements, you can turn that petite room into a beautiful, welcoming place. Here are seven ways you can go about doing so.

1. Use a light color scheme. Dark colors on the wall, floors, ceiling or furniture can make a room feel more cramped than it really is, while lighter shades tend to suggest an airy atmosphere. recommends pastels, neutrals or white hues for the largest elements in the room. For pops of color, you can choose smaller accents, like throw pillows or lampshades.

2. You can use curtains and window treatments to make a room look taller by mounting the curtain rod four to six inches above the frame of the window, reports Real Simple Magazine. Long columns of color or pattern created with panel curtains will draw the eye upward, making the space feel larger.

3. Pick up multi-functional furniture. If each item has more than one purpose or provides additional storage, you won’t have as much clutter taking up valuable space in your room. suggests using a trunk as a coffee table or finding pieces with plenty of drawers.

4. Hang a mirror or two. This decorative trick is a tried-and-true method that will create the illusion of more space. Place it somewhere where it can reflect plenty of light or frame an area of the room that you’re particularly proud of. If there’s an unused fireplace in the room, a mirror placed inside might be a great idea.

5. Make sure the space is well-lit. The news source recommends taking advantage of natural light whenever you can by using sheer panels or curtains that are pulled back from the window.

6. Take advantage of glass in your design scheme. Glass coffee, dining or end tables are functional yet still maintain the appearance of a clear, open space.

7. Minimize your wall art. It’s a good idea to hang pictures or art on your walls, but using too many can create a cluttered effect. Instead, opt for one or two larger pieces that can act as a focal point.