Red Curtains, Accent Furniture and Wall Art Can Add Flair to a Living Space

One color that many homeowners can’t get enough of is red. Whether it’s a deep shade of cherry or a vibrant fire engine red, this hue is perfect for virtually any room of the home. However, it’s important that you know what to do with this color to prevent it from becoming overbearing in your living space. Too much red can be painful to look at and might take away from the rest of your interior design.

If you’re interested in using red in your rooms without allowing it to take over your space, you might want to think about using it in moderate amounts. HGTV reports that one way you can utilize red effectively is by incorporating the hue into a piece of wall art. This brings flair to the design of the room without going overboard. states that if you want to go bolder, think about buying a piece of red accent furniture, such as a dresser or a coffee table.

Red window treatments are also a good idea in a room that could use more excitement. Nothing says warm and welcoming like a pair of red curtains.

Although using red in many areas of a room can be intimidating, this color can bring a unique interior design to any living space if used correctly.