How to Pick Out the Perfect Tiles to Complement Your Bathroom

You may already have a gorgeous set of bathroom window curtains, a suitable wall color and a plush assortment of towels, but how about your tiles? If your walls or shower could use an aesthetic boost that will match the rest of your carefully planned decor, tiles can surely help. But how do you know which ones are best for your space? Here are some tips for choosing the best tile designs.

Decide on your price range
Tiles come in many materials, designs and colors, all aspects that affect the overall cost. If you saved money on discounted curtains and cheap area rugs, you might have a bigger budget to play around with. Figure out how much you want to spend, then stick to looking at tiles that are in that price range. Keep in mind that the size of the space you’re tiling will also affect how much you’ll pay.

Choose between big or small
Both big and small tiles have their benefits, and it’ll be your job to weigh them. points out that curved areas work better with small tiles, while expansive spaces can be covered easily with large tiles. You may also want to consider the fact that you might have less cleaning work to do with bigger tiles, which have less grout lines that could get dirty. Small tiles also have better traction if they’re used on the floor, which could save your family from dangerous slips!

Keep in mind the humidity
Because your tiles will be in a wet, humid room, you’ll need to make sure that the choice you decide on has good contact with the backboard or thinset (tile concrete). Otherwise, the tiles might not stick properly and could come loose over time. Mosaic tiles, for instance, look nice but don’t usually offer good contact in really wet places.

Consider colors
Which colors you choose to include in your tile is up to you, but keep in mind the overall effect you’re going for. If your window treatments and towels are white, for instance, would you like to keep the space clean with white tiles or would you rather bring in an accent color? Just don’t choose tile that involves too many shades – you may regret this busy effect later.