How to Make Your House Look Like the Model Home

If you’ve ever been inside a model home, then you know that the designers who create the look of these houses know how to make spaces appear both formal and comfortable. If you recently purchased a house, you may be wondering how you can recapture the look that you saw when you visited that model. Luckily, with the right furniture, accessories and window treatments, you can easily make your new home look as good (or better) than the model.

Ditch the clutter
The Chicago Tribune recently spoke to professional home stager and model home designer Katie Schafer, who said that the number one reason why some people unpack their things in their new homes and are disappointed that they don’t resemble models is clutter. She said that while real homes have kitchen countertops with junk mail piled on top of them and children’s toys scattered on the floor, model homes are free of these everyday annoyances.

So, if you want your home to look more like the model, get organized. Make sure that there’s a space for everything in your house – a basket for toys, a file organizer for mail, a jar for extra pens – this way, your space will look more like a designer had a hand in it.

Keep colors clean
Just as you don’t want to have too much clutter, you also don’t want to have too many disorganized colors in your home. For example, if you have curtains with floral designs, then you don’t want to have a different floral pattern on your sofa. spoke to interior designer Cristi Holcombe, who offered advice on how to choose a color scheme that will give your house that model-home feel.

“Working from a tri-colored color scheme makes it easy. Use one main neutral, one main accent color and a second accent color,” Holcombe told the website.

Don’t be afraid to buy new
The Tribune also spoke to designer Mary Cook, who said that people often try to make their new homes exactly like the old ones. However, if you’ve purchased a new house, why not get some different accessories to go along with it? If you loved the furniture or Cape Cod curtains that were in the model home, find similar ones and buy them.