Does Your Son’s Bedroom Need an Update?

Whether it’s a nursery, child’s bedroom or teenager’s room, there are many considerations to keep in mind when you’re decorating for your son. While cute themes and quirky wallpaper patterns are fine for a little boy, you’ll need to remember that his tastes will change over the years. Here are a few tips to help you create a room that will grow with your kid as he ages.

Choose your colors wisely
Blue is typically the color that moms choose when they’re decorating a boy’s bedroom, but do you want to stick with something that’s so generic? Rather than settle on blue paint for the walls, consider mixing other shades into the scheme or steering clear of the cool color entirely. Bright blue and emerald green could make for a nice color combination, or how about green and orange? Even a neutral colored room can benefit from bright accents in the form of red window treatments, yellow bedding or a brown area rug.

Leave room for changes
Your son’s tastes can change in an instant, which means it’s important to leave room for alterations if he outgrows a particular aspect of the space’s decoration. For example, instead of plastering each wall with that loud toy truck wallpaper when he’s little, stick to just one accent wall. This will make it easy to remove the paper once he gets older. The same can be said for wall art, curtains, area rugs and comforters.

Invest in multi-functional furniture
Your goal here is to find furniture items that can be used for multiple purposes as your son grows up. For example, a drawing desk full of crayons and colored pencils can eventually turn into a homework station, while a big toy chest could transform into clothing storage space. Bookshelves that house toys now will eventually hold his favorite books or DVDs. As such, it’s a good idea to find pieces that may seem a little large now, because in the future they’ll be just the right size.

Make hanging posters and pictures easy
Every boy loves the idea of decorating his space with posters and pictures of his favorite things, whether it’s a baseball team, movie character, actress or band. But because your son’s going to be changing his mind on a regular basis, you’ll want to make the hanging process easy. Buy frames for posters rather than using tacks or tape – it’ll keep your walls in good condition and make a switch simple.