Decorating a Functional Baby’s Nursery

Aside from necessary objects like a crib and a changing table, a functional and comfortable nursery depends on several other elements. This will become a space where you and your child will both likely spend a lot of time, so it’s important to choose furniture, window treatments and a layout that will make the room useful and pleasant to be in.

Pick a theme
It’s usually best to decorate your baby’s room like you would the rest of your home, reports TLC. For example, if you like modern, contemporary designs, the room should fit this criteria. If your home is rustic or cottage-themed, the nursery should also reflect these styles. That way, you and your little one will feel just as comfortable in his or her space as in the other rooms of the house.

You also want to pick decor that can grow and evolve with your child. That means allowing enough design wiggle room to introduce new objects as needed, like a bed, a table or storage space for toys once your baby becomes a toddler. Pick broad themes, like colors or shapes that will be easier to match than, say, a theme from a children’s story.

Choose the essentials
While the right wall colors, bedding and window treatments are important, it’s also necessary to ensure that the room has everything you need. This should include plenty of storage space to avoid clutter, as well as items like a diaper pail, hamper, nightlight, rocking chair (with ottoman to make yourself comfortable), a bookcase and a baby monitor.

Set up strategically
It’s easy to bring items into the room and put them in the places they fit best, but there’s a lot more you need to think about when setting up a nursery. For example, The Bump points out that while you might like to have the crib near a window, your little one may wreak havoc on those curtains you painstakingly chose once he or she gets curious.

The lighting should also be flexible, so don’t rely on just one overhead light or a few table lamps. You’ll want bright light at times and more subtle illumination for others, like when you’re putting baby to bed. An assortment of fixtures and panel curtains that can be drawn across the windows to block out light can help accomplish this.