Big Designs for Small Windows

Small windows can be a major source of disappointment for homeowners, who often take pride in their ability to create a space that suits their refined tastes. However, if approached correctly, a person will be able to make the most out of the opportunity, given the number of options available.

One nice way to adorn kitchens or dining rooms with minimally sized windows is to make use of eye-catching tier curtains. The two-part items will give any home the feel of a country cottage, depending on the patterns one chooses to embrace.

Another great way to make windows seem especially noteworthy is to create a border around them with small mirrors. These undeniably important accents should always be kept in a designer’s back of tricks.

Remember – the tone of a home is created by the structure that it’s made of as well as the items installed throughout. So don’t be so quick to underestimate the power of small windows – believe it or not, they too can allow you to show off your creativity.