Set Your Table with New Fall Accessories

While Thanksgiving may still be months away, the fall chill often brings with it an urge to start preparing for the holiday season. If you’ve already purchased new discount curtains and window treatments for the new fall season, you may be itching to start getting more decorations for the holidays. If you’re the one who’s going to be hosting Thanksgiving this year – or you simply want to change the look of your dining room table now that summer is over – it may be time to start shopping for new tabletop decor.

Recently, the Idaho State Journal spoke to visual merchandiser John Griffith and his teammate Julie Robbins about ways to get your table ready for fall.

Getting some new table accessories
First, Robbins recommended using colored glass to infuse some of the fall colors into your dining room. She explained that amber’s a color that you often see in fall trees, and amber-colored glass is particularly popular because the warm color goes with various patterns and designs and can also look very retro.

Once you’ve purchased your amber glasses, you should think about the last time you got new serveware. If it’s been a while, consider going out and getting a new metal set for the season. Griffith explained that metal serveware is simple, beautiful and functional.

“We’re incorporating metal serveware into many of our displays because you can do so much with it from a design standpoint,” Griffith told the news source. “These are great accent pieces you can dress up or down, plus it is family- and football-season friendly. Metal serveware is also very functional. Once heated, the alloy retains warmth to keep food warmer longer or cooler if you chill these pieces. Plus it is easy to clean and doesn’t have to be polished.”

Fall is also a great time to create unique centerpieces for your table. Country Living magazine recommended that you use gourds to draw the eye to your table this fall. Combining pumpkins and squash of various sizes and colors makes a classic fall centerpiece that will look great all season. Consider getting fake versions of these foods so that you won’t have to worry about them getting rotten – they’ll look just as great as the real thing with half the effort.

Finally, look for beautiful candles to place on your table that have fall scents such as burning wood or apple pie.