Keep Summer Going All Year Long with Nautical-Themed Decor

Just because summer’s almost over doesn’t mean you have to leave the shore behind you! While you’re purchasing your new discount curtains and window treatments for fall, you should consider getting some nautical-themed decor items so you can feel as though you’re out on the waves all year long. Decorating with an ocean theme isn’t just for beach houses or vacation cabins – as long as you do it subtly, you can keep your home feeling nautical all year long in a way that won’t seem cheesy.

For example, the Los Angeles Times recently recommended that you incorporate rope into your home decor. The right type of rope can make people think of sailing on the open sea. You can purchase rope art that’s tied in interesting knots from art stores these days, or get some rope and learn to make your own.

Another staple of nautical decor is the anchor, which you can use in a number of different ways. You can get lamps, rugs and even bedding that features anchors, or, if you’re really adventurous, you can consider purchasing a real anchor and making it a focal point in your living room or bedroom.

Better Homes and Gardens magazine pointed out that you can also decorate using nautical colors. For example, navy blue is a beautiful color that looks great in most homes and is subtle enough that it can be used throughout the entire house. To prevent your nautical decor from appearing too cliche, the news source recommended avoiding using too many boats. Consider getting one framed painting of a boat and displaying it in a guest room or even a bathroom, which could use a little art and life breathed into it.