10 White Bedroom Ideas for a Serene Look

White is never boring if you leverage the experts’ stylish white bedroom ideas

Did you know that the Chinese philosophy of feng shui considers skin tones – from light porcelain to rich chocolate – as ideal for bedrooms? The Chinese have given millennia of thought to creating serenity and peace in one’s space, so why not choose a pale shade for your bedroom? White bedroom ideas abound in the decorating world because these shades suggest lightness and airiness.

White – and the myriad shades of color associated with it – has long been considered a minimalist color. And it’s not just the Chinese who enjoy it; ever-popular Scandinavian design is the essence of minimalism, and as Karl Johan Bertilsson, creative director at NCS Colour Academy, explains, “The foundation of Scandinavian design, and our Nordic homes, will always be brightness and simplicity, because it’s simply what we need due to the lack of sunlight.”

Simplicity and cleanliness are the heart of minimalism. What’s more, it’s associated with a good night’s sleep, at least according to a study by British hotel booking firm Travelodge. In that study, responses indicated that those with a white bedroom averaged seven hours and 33 minutes of sleep a night – and at least seven hours of sleep is considered the basis for good health.

White and similar shades also have unique decorating value. Whites can make awkward architectural elements – such as pipes – disappear into a wall. And as a cool color, white tends to recede from the eye, producing a calm, relaxing effect, and even making a small room look larger. You can even use whites to put the focus on your bedroom’s assets, such as shiplap walls or handsome wainscoting.

white bedroom ideas

50 shades of white

In reality, “white” can be many colors: cream, eggshell, ivory, vanilla, ecru, and even gray. When it comes to “white” bedroom ideas, be sure to consider all your options! Helen Shaw, Marketing Director for Benjamin Moore, says, “If you’re painting walls white, it’s important to consider how your furniture and surroundings will be reflected.”

“There is the ‘right’ white for each space; you just have to find the one that works best for your interior. Get a small sample of the color on the wall and check it at three different times of the day to see how it changes as the sun moves through the sky.”

It’s also important to remember that a white room painted entirely in one solid shade can look flat and featureless. Try combining subtle variations on walls, woodwork, cornicing, and ceilings to enhance the proportions of a room. Use the brightest white on the ceiling to give an impression of height and slightly darker shades to pick up interesting details.

Caution: You can’t assume that all tones of white are the same. Look at them next to each other, preferably with samples on your walls, to make sure they blend.

With all that understood, here are ten fantastic white bedroom ideas from around the world of interior decorating.

White bedroom ideaswhite bedroom ideas

1. Look to the light

When choosing your “shades” of white, consider the natural light source of the room. Rooms that face away from the noonday sun receive gray-blue light, for example, and a clear white paint will optimize the light of your spaces while keeping things cool.

The same white color, though, would not work in a north-facing room in northern climates. White’s visual relationship to the snow and ice outside the windows would be visually chilling. Instead, try tinting your white with red, yellow or orange or selecting a color from Benjamin Moore’s Off-White Collection.

2. Find inspiration

A creative white bedroom idea is to gather decorating inspiration from a piece of art or a collection of favorite items. A painting with shades of white, or an interesting piece of driftwood, can offer ideas for the different whites you’ll enjoy in your room. These Les Jardins art pieces on canvas offer delicious shades of cream as well as a romantic look.

3. Make white “match”

Tints of white can be “matched” to accent colors. For example, paint your walls a blue-white shade of white, then add small touches of blue on things like baseboards, window casings, and doors to give the room a faint blue appearance.

4. Vary textures

Using different textures and shapes in various shades of white is critical in keeping your white bedroom from looking flat or one-dimensional. Consider a nubby rug, reclaimed wood furniture, or curtains with pleats and other textures, such as this gorgeous Quinn reversible quilt, which comes in both white and beige, with all-over embroidery.

For coziness, add knitted cushions and woolen throws. This Brooke reversible quilt set, with its sprinkling of flowers on an ecru background, would be perfect in a cozy white bedroom. And a Holloway 400-count organic flax sheet set is a great match for it, too.

5. Mix it up

Mixing two styles is a great way to achieve a unique look in a white bedroom. Combine country style with vintage accessories, such as a pine bed frame with an old Art Deco quilt, to add personality to your room.

6. Be subtle

For a more elegant take on an all-white look, use subtle accents of gray, blue or black to lend a softer touch to your bedroom.

7. Give it a shot

Minimalist bedrooms in whites and related neutrals benefit from a shot of color from bedding, artwork or other small accents. How about a Wedgewood blue Hardback Linen British Empire Lamp Shade, or this A Windy Day Framed Art Printwhite bedroom ideas with luscious red flowers to add that pop?

8. Update old furniture

Whether it’s a hand-me-down from Great Aunt Karen or a thrift store score, white is often used to modernize traditional furniture or make it appear lighter, as well as
making it fit right in with your white décor. A couple of coats of your favorite white can work wonders on old brown furniture!

9. Look in the mirror

Use reflective materials, such as a mirror above the bed or a mirrored nightstand, to break up the white and reflect light without disturbing the monochromatic palette. This Gray Contemporary Oval Cheval mirror serves this purpose and even adds the needed accent in a different “white.”

10. Ground your look

Stain your hardwood floors a dark shade to stand out and offer a baswhite bedroom idease to a white bedroom.

As you can see, going white and minimalist doesn’t have to mean bland. White bedroom ideas from the experts deliver both style and serenity. And the huge selection of bedding sets, artwork and home accents at curtainandbathoutlet.com make it seem easy. Enjoy your relaxing new retreat!

Once you have the color you want in your bedroom, you’ll need window treatments. Here are a few of our favorites to bring out the subtle shading of a white bedroom.

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