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7 Tranquil Area Rug Styles That Will Make You Say Ohm

The right choices (lavender: yes, purple: no!) in area rug styles create warm, relaxing spaces in your home

If the heart of a home is the kitchen, what’s the heart of a single room? The answer? The rug. As designer David Scott says, an area rug should be the “soul of your room.” And once you’ve chosen it, the “color scheme, furniture placement, and accessories should all connect back to it.” So if you want to make your home a soothing, peaceful space, you start with the area rugs. But what area rug styles should you look for?

First, determine the size and shape you need. There are many different guidelines available for making this decision, including this excellent guide from

Once you know these basics about the rugs you’re looking for, it’s time to get into the fun stuff: Choosing the area rug styles and colors.

area rug styles

What makes a room a tranquil space?

For most rooms – bedrooms, dens, family rooms, and porches – you’re looking for a relaxing, tranquil feeling. What area rug styles will help create that ambiance?

1. Beach style

A good rule of thumb is to look for soft, gentle curves, avoiding sharp angles and large, dramatic designs. A good example of this is the Carolina Weaver Melodic Tour de Loops Aqua Area Rug with its symmetrical wave-like design.

In fact, waves and other beach-themed designs are especially famous for establishing a relaxing mood because they include those soft, gentle curves with soothing shades of blue and, of course, the suggestion of being at the beach listening to the waves.area rug styles

2. Country style

In addition to actual beach themes, you might consider a braided rug, with its relaxed country/Cape Cod feel. This Salem Nylon Ponderosa Pine Braided Rug not only fits the bill, but it comes in colors guaranteed to prove restful! This one also features a polypropylene core, which is a favorite material for area rugs because of its softness and durability.

3. Natural fibers 

Speaking of polypropylene, it’s not the only rug fiber that delivers comfort. Natural wool and silk are at the top of the list for fibers that make your toes happy. However, because of their high price and limited durability, polypropylene rugs (also known as olefin rugs) are more popular. They feel soft, but unlike natural alternatives are highly stain-resistant and will not grow mildew or fade when exposed to outdoor elements. This Caspian Weaver outdoor/casual rug delivers all of that in a nature-loving floral pattern.

4. Natural colors

Most designers agree that the colors of nature always deliver a peaceful vibe. In fact, Kaplan Learning Centers urges owners of early education centers to skip the traditional bright primary colors in favor of earth tones. And if a color can help keep four-year-olds from running amok, you know it’s perfect for your tranquil space!

So consider colors such as soft browns and sage green, as well as watercolor hues of yellow and blue (which, according to feng shui wisdom, can even slow down your heart rate and lower blood pressure!) suggesting the earth, oceans, and sun.

area rug stylesOther choices include cool hues of gray and purple, which have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. These colors, along with those soft blues and greens, will also make a space feel bigger than it is. One choice that pulls in these colors is the Carolina Era Chimera area rug, featuring browns, blues, lavender and sage green. Bonus: This area rug style features those relaxed, curving lines mentioned above.

Colors to avoid? Bright reds, oranges and yellows, along with royal purple, are simply too energizing to create a relaxing atmosphere. A survey conducted by Travelodge hotels also revealed that certain shades can affect sleepers: Dark brown makes people feel isolated, uncomfortable, and restless, while dark gray seems dreary and depressing.

5. Patterned styles

Keep in mind that while you can choose patterned rugs, you’ll want to keep your colors neutral to preserve that tranquil feeling. For a room with ornate wallpaper or brightly patterned furniture, pick a rug with a subtle pattern.

6. Space-defining styles

Adding an area rug will change the look of any room. The right area rug style can warm up your room, define different spaces within a large room, and add mood, comfort, warmth, and character. Use color to create optical illusions and make rooms seem larger or smaller: If you have a massive room with high ceilings, choose a darker color for your rug. This will make the room seem smaller and cozier. Conversely, if you have a tiny room, choose light or pastel colors to make the room seem more spacious.

7. Finishing styles

Barbara Barran of the Classic Rug collection notes, “Rugs are wonderful for pulling rooms together. They establish a relationship by pulling all the furniture of a particular space within.” An area rug is one of those details that makes your room’s decor feel “finished.area rug styles” It can also help warm up or soften hard surfaces like wood and tile flooring, which can come off looking and feeling cold underfoot, especially in long hallways that can appear cavernous.

As Barran suggests, use area rugs to define or separate areas, such as foyers and seating or dining areas. This is especially useful in studio apartments or larger rooms that need definition. For dining areas, choose a rectangular rug with a long table, a hexagonal rug with a square table and a round rug with a round table. Pick a square or rectangular rug to place under your living room seating, and note that rugs that exceed the edges of the furniture make a room appear larger.

If all the furniture is placed well within the edges of the rug, you’ll achieve a spacious floating feeling. Furniture that sits off the rug becomes a statement piece.

Whatever style of area rug you choose in the end, enjoy the journey and the shopping experience. Just keep all of these guidelines in mind, and then head over to for a great selection of area rugs at great prices!

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