portable closet ideas

How to Spark Joy With These Portable Closet Ideas

Enhance your storage space with portable closet ideas that spark joy and inspire organization.

There’s more to storage than just stuffing things into bins and shoving them into a closet. Sure, that gets the mess out of sight, but it doesn’t help to organize or otherwise minimize the clutter. You have to go further. You have to restore order. And some of these portable closet ideas will help you to do just that.

portable closet ideas

Why portable closets are a perfect solution

Whether your problem is too much stuff or not enough storage space, honing in on some quality portable closet ideas will soon have you on the path to decluttering. Your life will feel more organized. When your items are properly stored and taken care of, it has a positive effect on the rest of your day. Why portable closets? There are a few reasons.

First, portable closets are impermanent, which means you have the freedom to move them around and use them as they suit your changing needs. Perhaps today you want additional storage space in your bedroom, but in two years, you need to organize bins in your basement. You can move a portable closet from one place to another in a matter of minutes.

Second, portable closets, while sturdy enough to serve their purpose, are not solid, like a typical closet. You can’t shove everything you have in there until it’s overflowing with dresses, shoes, and whatever else. Portable closet ideas help you to reimagine your belongings, what you need and what you don’t.

They’re also versatile. Many portable closets include modules that you can reposition or maneuver to fit into unique spaces. Often you can change out shelving or other features for a very customized, yet simple storage space.

Discard, spark joyportable closet ideas

But how are you supposed to decide what to keep and what to get rid of? The secret has to do with joy.

In her second book, Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up, organizing consultant Marie Kondo writes, “The criterion for what to keep and what to discard is whether or not something sparks joy.” It’s a simple concept, yet one we must remind ourselves of on a regular basis, especially when brainstorming portable closet ideas. Maybe you’re looking for a convenient way to store all of your old dresses, but no matter what solution you come up with, your space won’t look good for very long if you hang on to things that mean nothing to you.

And remember we’re not just talking about clothes here. You can use portable closets to store shoes, photo albums, seasonal items, and even to organize a laundry room. But no matter what it is you’re looking to put in order, you’ll first need to let some things go.

Organize with purposeportable closet ideas

Another tip we can take from Kondo is to organize with purpose. Start with one thing at a time — clothes, then shoes, then accessories — and store them neatly in a way that makes sense. She suggests, for example, hanging items, so they rise from left to right. This not only gives you a system, but purposeful organization will make you feel more at ease.

Portable closets work well with this concept because of the versatility they possess. Most units come with much more in the way of shelving than you’d find in most regular closets. This allows you to strategize your organization process and find ways to separate things from one another for order and clarity.

And, if you don’t need your portable closet anymore, all you have to do is fold it up and store it in someplace that is out of the way. When folded, they don’t take up a lot of space.

Caring for portable closets

Many portable closets are covered with heavy-duty fabric designed to withstand liquids and resist dirt. However, some regular upkeep will help your closet last longer, especially if you have it in a place like a basement or an attic.portable closet ideas

For starters, before you execute all your wonderful portable closet ideas, make sure that it’s completely dry. (Same goes for whatever you put in it.) This will help reduce mold. If the closet is in a basement or an attic, a dehumidifier will help tremendously in staving off mold and moths. Spot clean the outside of it regularly, and whatever you do, don’t cover it in plastic as this will trap moisture and increase the likelihood of mold.

Looking for a storage solution that is more simplistic than a portable closet? Try a garment rack for extra hanging space or to free up room in your regular closet for other things. Garment racks are great because they don’t take up a lot of space, and they’re easy to move around. The double garment rack is also nice because it’s easy to adjust, so you can customize the height of the bars. It’s also sturdy enough to store gowns and heavier items like winter coats. Capsule wardrobes are also very popular these days, and a garment rack like this is the perfect place to keep it. Everything is at your fingertips, and some people find it helpful to have their things out in the open.