ocean themed bedroom ideas

Ocean Themed Bedroom Ideas For the Summer or a Guest Room

It’s the perfect time of year to think about ocean themed bedroom ideas that will have you dreaming of salty surfs and breezy beaches all night long.

Whether or not you live near the beach, summer is the perfect time of year to channel a seaside setting in the bedroom. After all, who doesn’t want to drift to sleep under a salty sea breeze, the sound of the ocean tide in the distance? Of course, there are no ocean themed bedroom ideas that can take you closer to the sea, but they sure can help to bring the ocean closer to you.

ocean themed bedroom ideas

Even though we sleep for most of the time we spend in our bedrooms, there are plenty of reasons to invest time and energy in ocean themed bedroom ideas. The theme alone can help bring relaxation before and after sleep, which will contribute to how rested you feel. In addition, oceanic decor helps calm down any room, so you can let your stress float away and focus on the person who matters most in your cozy, intimate space—you.


Colors fit for the sea (and sleep)ocean themed bedroom ideas

One of the reasons that ocean themed bedroom ideas work so well is that beaches and seasides contain just about all of the colors that are best suited for a good night’s rest. Many studies suggest that blue is the best color for sleep, followed closely by green and light yellow. Choose any of those for, say, wall paint, and then use the others as room accents. (Just be careful that whatever green you choose doesn’t clash with the blue.)

Although the experts say the color of the ocean is the most relaxing, if you prefer a
brighter room, choosing a yellow that resembles sand can open and invigorate the space without being too loud or abrasive.

If you’re going for an underwater feel, the blue will still be your best background choice, but then you have a lot of flexibility with things like pillows, bedclothes, and other bedroom extras. Breathe fresh air into the room with the warm colors of the deep sea, like purple, dark red, and even a little muted orange.

Porthole covers

Okay, you probably don’t have portholes for windows. Still, curtains and shades are important considerations with ocean themed bedroom ideas. There are two directions you can go with window treatments. The first is to keep it simple. Sheer curtains create that light, airy feeling you might get in a Carribean villa or seaside
resort. You might also opt for only valances, which also work nicely as sheers, or with a splash ocean color.ocean themed bedroom ideas

If you prefer a little more detail and elegance for your window treatments, Cape Cod style curtains are a traditional way to add some character without losing a cottage-like feel. Another option is to go with embroidered curtains, or patterned curtains with tasteful frills that harness the next-to-the-beach feeling you get more from New England than anywhere else.

Whatever you do, steer clear of dark colors unless you’re doing a
navy blue nautical theme. (And even then, you might want to brighten the window treatments.)

Textures, patterns, and accessories

Some entertaining ocean themed bedroom ideas include textures and patterns that reflect ocean life. Artwork depicting seashells, sandy beaches, starfish, and other aquatic life adds a lot of flair to a beachy bedroom. There are also unique furniture pieces, like nightstands, that are covered in tiny seashells, adding both texture and style to your design.

Adding some sea-related accessories works well, too. Things like lamps, alarm clocks, picture frames, and bedspreads all come in oceanic styles. It’s little details like these that can make all of your other ocean themed bedroom ideas come to life.

As always, the most important thing to remember is to have fun while you’re decorating! Be open to the ideas that come to you as you go aocean themed bedroom ideaslong, and stay focused on the room as a whole through each little addition. And of course, if you run out of inspiration or ideas, that only means you’ve found the perfect opportunity to drop the paint swatches and window coverings, hop in the car, and go for a relaxing day at the beach. If anyone asks, just say you’re a designer hard at work.

If you need a few more ideas to round out your water themed bedroom, here are some of our favorites:

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