square seat pads

How to Sit Pretty With These Square Seat Pads

Add style – and protection from your friends’ and family’s backsides – with square seat pads!

Did you know you could make yourself look more attractive just by sitting down at the kitchen table?

It’s true. Put a square seat pad on your kitchen (or dining room) chair, and you’ll improve your posture every time you sit. And, as Rebecca Gorrell, a movement therapist at the famed Canyon Ranch Spa, tells WebMD, “Good posture makes you look younger, thinner and taller. Other people will see you as more energetic and relaxed.”

And if that isn’t enough to send you on a shopping trip, consider this: if you’re sitting for a long time, square seat pads can also reduce strain on your back and increase your comfort. A quality seat pad helps distribute weight evenly, which improves circulation and therefore improves health overall.

Seat cushions are especially important for the elderly, and there are cushions like this Anchor Cross Roads 2-Piece Rocking Chair Cushion Set, with its square seat pad and tall matching back cushion, that are designed with wood rocking chairs in mind.

Heck, the whole family can benefit from the posture-improving qualities of seat cushions: Young children will learn the importance of good posture and how to sit correctly at the dinner table, instead of slouching!

square seat pads

Square seat pads: More than just comfort

Of course, seat pads deliver more than just good posture and comfort. They also protect wood or plastic seats from scratches and dings. And because they’re removable and washable, they provide practical protection from spills and stains for upholstered chairs.

But wait, there’s more! Consider that a cute seat cushion in the kitchen or dining room also delivers décor benefits! They add a splash of color to a neutral color scheme, or pull together different colors from your window treatments or cabinets, walls, and countertops. The Corona 4 Tack Gripper Chair Pad, for example, boasts contemporary style and trendy shades of rust, burgundy, taupe and gray.square seat pads

For a more subtle look, check out these Sophia 4-Tack Gripper square seat pads featuring pinstripes in similar popular colors: celadon, burgundy, blue and taupe.

Or how about these Salem Nylon Braided Chair Pads? OK, they’re not square, but they certainly deliver practicality, because they’re reversible and last forever, and they give your kitchen some genuine country charm! (Bonus: They come in 16 different color combinations, and there are matching rugs available!)

Choosing chair pads: Which materials are best?

The best chair pad filler is polyurethane foam. This provides support and durability, but just remember that polyurethane doesn’t do well when it gets wet, tending to become moldy or mildewed after it dries, so if your seat pad gets a soaking, you should at least toss it in the dryer.

On the outside, your first consideration is your family: If you have children or pets, you want something that’s durable, releases pet hair readily, and is easy to wipe down and easy. You also want a fairly heavy-duty fabric that doesn’t pull easily.

With pets and children in the house, try a smooth cotton or cotton blend, which is durable and affordable. Cotton is also resistant to wear, fading and pilling. While it’s less resistant to dirt and wrinkles, many cottons are treated or blended with other fibers to atone for these weaknesses. And because you can wash a chair pad, these problesquare seat padsms aren’t a big deal.

Vinyl is exceptionally easy to care for, so it’s ideal for busy family kitchens and dining rooms. Durability depends on quality. It’s also easy to detach pet hair
from the smooth surface vinyl.

Corduroy is a popular choice for seat pads because as a heavy cotton, it’s both rugged and good-looking. The Avatar Delightfill chair pad features a delightfully soft corduroy in red and camel. Another cotton that just can’t be beat for casual style and durability is featured on the Brentwood Denim chair pad. Like your favorite pair of jeans, this pad will wear beautifully and get more comfortable with age!

One last thing: gripper or tie-back?

When shopping for chair pads, one thing you’ll notice is that they come in two styles: gripper and tie-back. Tie-back chair pads have straps that tie (or fasten with hook-and-loop closures) around the spindles of the chair back. These are perfect for households with kids or pets – because who wants to keep picking up stray chair pads that have been dislodged by the rambunctious members of your family?square seat pads

Gripper chair pads have increased in popularity of late because many people prefer the sleek look to that of the tie-back pad. These have a slip-resistant backing that keeps them in place – as long as everyone who sits on them is relatively sedate. They’re perfect for chairs with solid backs instead of spindles.

So go ahead, protect your fine wood or expensive upholstered chairs from the daily wear and tear applied by various backsides, pockets and their contents, and food spills. Curtainandbathoutlet.com has a large selection of both tie-back and gripper pads, and as always, the prices are discounted, but the quality is definitely not.

Already have chair pads, but they just don’t seem to stay in place? Try the Gripper Latex Chair Grips.

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