grey bedroom ideas

10 Great Grey Bedroom Ideas from Interior Designers

Dark doesn’t have to mean dismal. Check out these 10 grey bedroom ideas from the experts that will turn your sleeping space into a sanctuary.

Some people believe that only bright colors belong in the bedroom. The truth is, many bright colors are thought to disrupt sleeping patterns. Blues, greens, light purples, and—you guessed it—grays are believed to be better options to get the shut-eye you need. While the first three don’t require much instruction, grey bedroom ideas can be difficult to drum up. Fortunately, we know some experts who can guide us along.

Before we get to the experts, though, we’ll look at some colors that don’t go well with gray, how lighting can drastically affect your grey bedroom ideas, and which are some of the most popular gray paints out there today.

grey bedroom ideas

Greys to avoid

The beautiful thing about gray is that it goes well with so many other colors. When it does clash, though, it clashes hard. The worst offenders are pastels or any colors that are too soft. grey bedroom ideasThat’s because gray subdues colors that aren’t bright enough to stand up to it on their own. So while gray and a deep royal blue might work well together, gray and baby blue probably will not.

The color most likely to thwart your grey bedroom ideas would be most any shade of yellow. While silver and gold pair nicely together, gray and yellow are too muted to pair well, not to mention that they just look mismatched when put together. If you’re dying to put these two colors together, you’ll have the best luck with a vibrant, sunny yellow used as an accent on a rug or curtains more than a color pairing.




Lighting the way with grey

Another variable to think about for grey bedroom ideas is the lighting. If your bedroom has windows that face north, choosing the correct lighting won’t be too difficult since the natural light of the room won’t change much. But, if your windows face east, west, or south, the lighting temperature will change, an effect known as metamerism, which will make your graygrey bedroom ideas paint appear different at different times of the day.

Artificial light affects things, too. Incandescent bulbs, for example, intensify warm colors like red, orange, and yellow, but they will dull colors like gray. Halogen bulbs, on the other hand, produce something closer to sunlight and will amplify all colors. And fluorescent bulbs emit a bluish light that will dull warm colors but bring out the best in your grays.

Whichever lighting scheme fits with your grey bedroom ideas, we do recommend you bring paint swatches home to test in the different lights before committing to a color.

Popular grey bedroom paint colors

Weathered Windmill by Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines

If you’re looking for a faint, almost neutral gray that still stands out in a room, consider an often-used shade from the star of Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines, “Repose Grey” from Sherwin Williams.

For a darker, more dramatic effect up against bright white trim, you could try one from her own line of paints called “Weathered Windmill,” which is a bold charcoal tone sure to add character to any room. For something similar, but not quite as dark, there’s her color called “Loft.”

10 Grey bedroom ideas from the expertsgrey bedroom ideas

Now that you’ve got a solid grasp of how to handle the very versatile gray, here are some paint preferences we love that were recommended from the pros in recent Elle and HGTV articles. They will bring your grey bedroom ideas come to life.

1. Revere Pewter, Benjamin Moore – “We use this in 90 percent of our flips–for every room. It makes furniture look great, and buyers love it.” – Christina El Moussa, Flip or Flop

2. Lamp Room Gray, Farrow & Ball – “This shade of gray is pretty because it has a little taupe in it that makes it very chic.” – Alex Papachristidis, Alex Papachristidis Interiors

3. Downpipe, Farrow & Ball – “The color has a deep richness that doesn’t fall flat and can give a space a great punch, especially when paired with light colors for high contrast.” – Shannon Wollack & Brittany Zwickl of Studio Life.Style

4. Cloud, Dunn-Edwards Paint – “I love it paired with white for a crisp, clean contrast, and with dark charcoal for more dramatic feel.” – Jessica McClendon, Glamour Nest

Sherwin Williams' Modern Grey
Sherwin Williams’ Modern Grey

5. Modern Gray, Sherwin Williams – “This is the ideal background color: warm, soft, and plays well with everyone. It goes beautifully soft with creams and grays when used in a master bedroom.” – Allison Bloom, dehn bloom

6. Iron Mountain, Benjamin Moore – “I love the subtle depth and warm brown underpinning of this shade. This deep, dark gray is beautiful in a matte wall finish.” – Drew McGukin, Drew McGukin Interiors

7. Whisper, Benjamin Moore – “It reflects light beautifully to really open up a space, and serves as the perfect neutral backdrop.” – Nicole Gibbons, Nicole Gibbons Studio

8. Thunder Gray by Sherwin-Williams  – “I’m into dark walls right now. Any color you put next to this charcoal gray, whether it’s on a rug or a sofa, will stand out.” — John Colaneri, America’s Most Desperate Kitchens

9. Elephant’s Breath, Farrow & Ball – “This warm and luxuriant shade is stunning in a room with white woodwork. Pop it with coral or hot pink.” – Dana Gibson, Interior Designer

10. Pashmina, Benjamin Moore – “It’s a rich, warm gray that creates an inviting, intimate space. It’s also a perfect exterior color paired with a dark charcoal trim.” – Karen Vidal, Design Vidal

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