green bedroom ideas

10 Green Bedroom Ideas for an Earthy Feel

People won’t recognize the new, relaxed you that these green bedroom ideas deliver

Did you ever wonder where the term “green room” – where performers await their cue before going onstage – came from? Although the term’s origination is lost to history, one of the more modern ideas is that it’s because green is such a calming color. Indeed, green is as perfect for soothing the nerves of Stephen Colbert’s next guest as it is for green bedroom ideas to make that room a real oasis.

Green’s soothing properties and connection to nature are perfect reasons to choose it for a bedroom. A green room can make you think of meadows, lawns, gardens and the ocean. So here are 10 green bedroom ideas to help you make the most of this lovely color.

green bedroom ideas

10 Green bedroom ideas to turn your room into an oasis of peace and calm

1. Choose large accessories first

As beautiful as it is, green can be tricky to match or complement. So with a general idea of the green you want in mind, buy things such as curtains, comforters, and rugs that complement it – using the tips below to decide – and then have your paint mixed in exactly the shade that works with your accessories. Otherwise, you might end up shopping endlessly for a rug, comforter or curtains that don’t clash with your freshly-painted walls.

2. Use complementary colors in your color schemegreen bedroom ideas

Green’s complement on the color wheel is a deep red. Its analogous colors, on either side of it, are yellow green and blue green. Split complementary colors, the two adjacent tertiary colors of its complement, are red and violet, while triadic colors are the two colors that are evenly spaced from green, rust, and purple.

Finally, tetradic colors include two complementary pairs, such as green and red, with orange and blue. Create your color scheme using this clever tool from Sessions School of Professional Design.

3. Dive into the green of the ocean

Among the most popular greens are “cool” greens, with medium saturation. These greens, which include darker aqua, seem aquatic because of their blue undertones, which you can enhance by adding deep blue and white to the room’s palette. Pops of turquoise play on the ocean feeling, too; the Carolina Weaver Era Divulge Chocolate Area Rug is a good example of using greens and blues in a complementary fashion.

Another choice for a natural look is this angelfish toss pillow, with its earthy chenille background and eye-catching angelfish. As Kelly Berg of the boutique design firm Story & Space explains, “I’m smitten with the use of bright colors in an adult bedroom. The great mix of sea green with turquoise makes [a] room feel like a weekend getaway of the best kind.”

4. Use green as a neutral

Another great feature of green is that is works so well with neutrals. Consider painting an accent wall a rich cream color, or use black and white as accent colors. In fact, green works as a neutral itself, especially if you choose a sage or celery green, both of which have plenty of white and a touch of gray in them. And as you’ve probably noticed at your favorite spa, you can get a calming, natural feel by using a warm sage shade with earth tones such as browns and ochers.

5. Match your green palette to the rest of your décorgreen bedroom ideas advises that modern or craftsman styles are enhanced with muted, mossy greens and rich brown wooden furniture. For traditional styles, use a deep green mixed with other rich colors such as crimson or burgundy. If you love shabby chic style, consider apple green walls combined with bed and window fabrics in a pattern with a touch of red, such as these Jupiter Grommet Curtain Panels.

For those who go for the contemporary look, consider lime green or chartreuse paired with purple or red. And Martha Stewart proclaims that a two-color palette of bold green with pale blue is the height of fashion.

6. Bring in the outdoors

A refreshing green bedroom idea, especially in the dark winter months, is to complement grass greens with sky blues and sunny yellows. These Trellis Grommet Curtains in yellow and white are the perfect addition to a green bedroom. Blue and green together suggest nature, and a modern twist on this is a bit brighter, such as lime or grass green with robin’s egg blue or aqua.

7. Paint an accent wall

Because greens blend so well with other colors, a fun green bedroom idea is to paint one wall a different color. If you’ve chosen an intense, warm green, try light browns or yellow for an earthy feel. For light, cool greens, usually referred to as mint, consider dark or medium grays to get a sophisticated feel. And if dark olive walls are your thing, brighten the room with peach, salmon, light-orange-brown, light greens, light warm-grays or, for maximum color contrast, cool pinks.

8. Consider using green as an accent instead of the main color

Going green doesn’t have to mean painting every wall! If you already have an earthy, neutral color scheme in your bedroom, keep what you’ve got and add pops of green via an accent wall, curtains, toss pillows, throws, rugs and artwork.

9. Choose the perfect artworkgreen bedroom ideas

With green being the color of plants and the ocean, you can get a truly beachy feel by adding prints of fish, shells, sand dunes and other beach sights. This Beach House Framed Art Print or Tidal Shells 1 Framed Art Print deliver the serenity of the ocean to your relaxing retreat.

10. Add toss pillows to the bed

It might not be intuitive, but Houzz notes that purple throw pillows provide complementary pops of color in a green color scheme. Throw a couple of these Brentwood Toss Pillows in faux suede on the bed or an easy chair and enjoy the “wow” factor. Now you’re done!

Whether you’re redoing an entire room to make it feel as if you’re at the beach, or you’re just adding accents in green to give yourself a taste of the outdoors inside, has all the accessories you’ll need, from window treatments to comforters to wall décor. One-stop shopping makes going green as easy as key lime pie!

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