minimalist apartment ideas

Cute Minimalist Apartment Ideas That Relieve Stress and Promote General Wellbeing

Are clutter and color bringing down the mood in your home? Cheer up with minimalist apartment ideas.

Apartment living can be tough. Clutter and disorganization often diminish our small spaces and make us feel overwhelmed, which can contribute to stress, depression, and more.

Apartment dwellers don’t have to live this way, though. Minimalist interior design is becoming increasingly popular as a way to combat negative energy inside your living space while maintaining tasteful, elegant environments that encourage happiness, productivity, and peace. Implementing just a few minimalist apartment ideas can improve your mood, help you sleep, and boost relaxation.

minimalist apartment ideas

Less is more

Minimalism was born out of Japanese culture and can be summed up with the “less is more” concept. Instead of having shelves full of knick-knacks, walls covered in detailed artwork or busy wallpaper, or piles of books, magazines, and other items collecting dust, minimalist apartment ideas focus on open spaces, neutral colors, and most of all, balance.

Paige Rien, an interior designer who appeared on HGTV’s Hidden Potentials, says, “Our anxiety builds in small spaces if there’s too much stuff.” Other psychological research agrees. Clutter creates too many stimuli, which overwhelms our thought processing and leads to stress. The key to minimalism is to live with only what you need, which makes it easier to take in your surroundings without inundating your brain with unnecessary visuals.

But minimalism doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style (though you will have to sacrifice a little stuff). If you’re not sure where to begin, here are eight minimalist apartment ideas that are cute, practical, and affordable.

1. Shelves for shoes

If the first thing you see when you walk in the front door is a pile of shoes you don’t minimalist apartment ideasremember accumulating, it’s time to bring a little order to your footwear. Instead of shoving them into the black-hole of your closet, though, take some time to put up small shelves on the wall next to or across from the door. (Think the little shelves they use in shoe stores to display different styles.) This might be tough if you’ve got more shoes than wall space, but that might be a good indicator that shoes are one of the first things you should sift through and eliminate. (There must be at least a few pairs you never wear.)

2. A new way to hang your hats

Hats are back in style in full force, but collections can be difficult to store without causing damage or creating clutter. The solution is similar to the shoe shelving: hang each hat from a hook on a large swath of empty wall space. This not only provides a safe place for your headpieces, but it also doubles as minimalist artwork that is both simple and stylish, achieving the balance for which all minimalist apartment ideas strive.

3. Jewelry board

For less than a hundred dollars, buy a piece of cork board and a basic frame minimalist apartment ideas(preferably black or white), hang it on the wall, and pin your jewelry to it. Not only will you free up space on your dresser, but you’ll also have all your beautiful pieces on display for people to admire.

4. Substitute succulents

Flowers and plants are a great addition to any home, but they require upkeep and sometimes replacement. Instead, use succulents (which includes cacti) as a dining room centerpiece or to add a little character to a shelf. These plants are simple, small, and don’t require a lot of care, which makes them ideal for a minimalist apartment space.

5. Maximize natural light

If you have curtains, blinds, or other shades over your windows, replace them with sheer curtains, or if there’s no loss of privacy, remove them altogether. Natural light brings energy and brightness to indoor space, which makes it one of the most effective minimalist apartment ideas you can introduce into your home.

6. Go black and white

Looking to make a more major overhaul on your apartment space? Paint the walls white and use black, brown, or other neutral colors to add contrast. Doing this doesn’t demand that you eliminate all color, but the colors you do keep should be sparse and bold, accenting the color scheme rather than being a part of it.

7. Lose the table lamps

Table lamps take up a lot of space and don’t provide that much in the way of minimalist apartment ideaslighting. Replace them with single-bulb hanging lights. Not in a position to rewire your whole apartment? No problem. Install hooks from which you can hang lamps, run the cords through boxy, white cord covers, and fix them to the wall.

8. Eliminate the extra

Finally, anywhere there’s extra—stacks of unread magazines, pictures and tchotchkes on shelves, kitchen utensils on counters—have the courage to throw things away. We tend to become attached to the things we collect, but in reality, we don’t need most of them. Merely eliminating clutter is enough to drastically reduce stress and improve your mood even if you don’t undertake any other minimalist apartment ideas.

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