blue bedroom ideas

10 Bodacious Blue Bedroom Ideas from Interior Designers

For a balance of tranquility and style, check out these blue bedroom ideas from the professionals and see how they can work for you.

Your bedroom is the most intimate space in your house. It makes sense, then, that you should do all you can to make it relaxing and inviting. Several recent studies have suggested that blue is the ideal color for achieving both moods. Whether you use it as your color palette or just infuse a few accents here and there, the professionals have some stylish blue bedroom ideas that are both effective and inspiring without breaking the bank.

blue bedroom ideas

Blue basics

Before we get to designer advice, there are a few tips to remember for any blue bedroom ideas you may have.

The first is that because blue is a cooler color, it benefits from added texture, like this quilt in blue. Textures add character without making the space overly exciting.

Second, blue is tranquil, but it can also invoke sadness. Darker blues especially pose this threat. That doesn’t mean you can’t use them, it just means you should keep in mind the warmth of your room when going with darker hues.

Finally, bold blues like indigo and royal can be a little intense for sleeping. If any of your design ambitions include these colors, consider using them as accents rather than foundational colors.

And now, here are ten blue bedroom ideas from interior designers that are sure to help you achieve both the look and the mood that best suits your sleeping space.




1. Go traditional: Blue and white

“There is a classic crispness to blue and white,” says designer Mark D. Sikes, author of Beautiful. Maybe because we so often see white clouds against a sky blue backdrop overhead, blue and white have been color buddies since the beginning of time. Even just painting window frames white in a blue room is enough to bring out the better notes of each color. Sikes adds, “Woven natural materials counterbalance that crispness with rustic texture.” So don’t discount that wicker chair just bedroom ideas

2. A navy backdrop

Despite being a darker blue, Jayme Armour believes navy, “makes for an incredible backdrop to everything from neutrals to brights.” The key word here is “backdrop.” Your navy blue bedroom ideas should include at least one other, more vivid color, preferably a neutral, though you can make a statement by using that perfect bold color that makes the room pop.

3. Or navy accents?

Jo Jaggs, General Manager of Design for Sheridan, offers another take on navy and white. “Go for all-over whites with navy accents or emphasize ocean blues for a more masculine look.” Going this route keeps a certain vibrancy about the room, though without enough accent it may result in being too vibrant for aiding in sleep.

4. Spice it up with a little…black?

Looking for blue bedroom ideas that focus a little more on setting the mood? Try adding black.

Says Patrick Mele, “The combination of blue and white is an age-old classic. However, when mixed with black, I find the combination gutsier and less sweet or predictable. Blue and white or cream can often skew feminine; by combining blue with white and black or charcoal gray or darker gblue bedroom ideasreens, the color story becomes moodier and sexier.”

5. Connect with nature

Not just for blue bedroom ideas, Kari Ann Peniche-Williams reminds us to, “include nature in your
bedroom. A simple orchid or a potted tree is a beautiful touch because green leaves go with every style and color, and are very soothing.”

6. Start from the bottom up

Another that can be applied to more than just blue bedroom ideas: “Always start with the rug when designing a room,” suggests designer Meg Caswell, “You will only have a few rugs that you fall in love with but there will be dozens of paint colors and fabrics you will love.”

Even better, if the rug you fall in love with has more than one color, now you know what colors to use for your accents!

7. Tie it together

Long Island interior designer, Meg Braff, uses blue when it’s the key color to create a common thread. “I like to tie in a key color in several places throughout a room for a cohesive look.” So if your walls are one blue bedroom ideascolor blue, use another shade for trim paint or upholstery.

8. Go big or go home

Chicago-based interior designer, Summer Thornton says, “Cerulean blue is a favorite of mine…When you use a color this vibrant, you have to full go for it and let the color shine as the hero of the room—go big or go home!”

So if you do decide to go bold, do it firmly, so others will believe in it as fully as you do.

9. Add a little warmth

“I like to mix cooler shades with warm,” says designer Suzanne Tucker, of Tucker & Marks. Some examples might be a soft orange or yellow, bold red, or even gold.

10. Make the most of your bed

The last of our blue bedroom ideas comes from interior stylist, Maxine Brady. Make your bed the focal point of your blue room with an outspoken comforter like this one that not only draws attention to itself, but it’s also reversible so you can instantly change the mood and feel of the room.