4 Alarming Truths About Fall Time Change That Will Surprise You

Most of what you know about the fall time change is just plain wrong

The world’s population is out of sync for eight months of the year. That is, it’s out of time synchronization, and the spring and fall time changes are the reason!

It’s true. When we hit the date for the fall time change, North America and Europe will finally catch up to Africa and Asia. But during Daylight Saving Time (DST), which launches in the spring and ends in the fall, our half of the world is on a different schedule from the other half.
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Behind the Curtains: French Door Window Treatment Ideas for Privacy

In any language, French door window treatment ideas abound

When is a French door not a French door? When it’s a porte-fenêtre, of course. That’s French for “door-window,” and it’s what the French call doors with multiple windows from top to bottom. It certainly makes sense, especially if you’re looking for French door window treatment ideas – it’s not just a door, it’s also a window, and naturally you want to decorate it just as you would a window.
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5 Classic Window Treatment Styles and Ideas That Work in Any Home

Tired of looking at the same curtains you’ve had for years? Check out these window treatment styles and ideas that are sure to spruce up any living space.

We too often take window treatments for granted. The reality, though, is that they are an important characteristic of any room. Just like the clothes we wear every day tell people something about us, so do the different window treatment styles and ideas we implement. And while it wouldn’t be practical to change window treatments every day like we do our clothes, switching things up a few times a year can be a refreshing way to update and restore the energy of your home.
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3 Bad Bedroom Colors You Should Avoid and Why

Don’t start your bedroom makeover yet. These bad bedroom colors can hinder sleep and alter your mood.

We don’t think about it very often, but the colors we choose to decorate our homes can have significant psychological impacts on us. Some stimulate appetite, productivity, relaxation, and even sleep. The last one, in particular, is important since sleep quality dictates the rest of your day. If you’re in the process of remodeling or moving, consider skipping these bad bedroom colors in favor of restful, rejuvenating sleep.
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Measuring for Curtains: From Rod to Fringe and Beyond

It may seem a simple task, but properly measuring for curtains requires precision and attention to detail.

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or you’re looking for a change, new window treatments are an exciting way to pull together a room’s design. But achieving that soft, gathered look takes some work. Precision and patience are essential when measuring for curtains of any length or style. Fortunately, anyone can do it with the right tools and tips. While you’ll have to procure the tools yourself, we’ve got the tips for you right here.
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Vacation Home Design: Tropical Window Treatments and Beyond

Escape to paradise daily with tropical window treatments and other beach-inspired ideas.

After years of planning, saving, and shopping around, you’ve finally closed on your first vacation home by the beach. Congratulations! Now comes the fun part—dressing it up! Whether you intend to use the house yourself or rent it out, you’ve decided that you’d like to keep the space feeling as close to the shore as possible. Pale hues, woven textures, and tropical window treatments all play a role in your design ideas. As always, the hardest part is simply deciding where to begin.
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Beyond Fluffing: How to Clean Curtains Without Ruining Them

From the delicate to the durable, here are some tips on how to clean curtains made from any material

As if laundry isn’t enough, there are plenty of other items in a household that require regular cleaning. Among the most often neglected are window treatments. Most of us probably look at our curtains every day without once thinking about the dirt and dust they’ve accumulated. Or, maybe you have thought about it, but you’re not sure how to clean curtains safely and efficiently.
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Why Everybody is Loving Window Scarves and You Should Too

With a look both elegant and simple, window scarves can add character, class, and a bit of romance to any room.

You’ve got your living room design almost complete. The furniture, fabric, and wall decor are all in place. Now all you need are window treatments to top it off. You’ve looked at dozens of traditional valances, but what you want is something that adds sophistication and a touch of elegance without taking over the room. In the end, window scarves are going to be your best bet.
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Beautiful Sunroom Window Treatment Ideas For Every Season

Add some privacy and practicality to your seasonal solarium with sunroom window treatment ideas you can manage and afford

Imagine it’s Saturday after a long week of work. All you want is to go into your sunroom and read a good book. The problem is, it’s winter, and all those windows let in a lot of the cold air. Or, maybe it’s the middle of summer, and it’s too hot. Maybe the sunlight is too bright. Maybe you don’t want the neighbors peeking in.
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The Cost Benefits of Investing in Thermal Insulated Curtains in the Winter

Heating costs giving you the winter blues? Consider thermal insulated curtains for both style and savings.

Keeping your home warm in the winter can be both challenging and costly. The average cost of heating a home can run anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars each winter. And this year, the US Energy Information Administration predicts that heating costs will rise significantly for most homeowners, which means there’s no better time than now to invest in thermal insulated curtains.
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Contemporary Window Treatments to Modernize Your Dusty Old Sills

The latest trends in contemporary window treatments make an affordable, easy upgrade that breathe new life into your home.

You adore your home. It has the room you need in a location you love. And that little reading nook – how wonderful is that! You’ve settled in nicely, but you’re beginning to feel like an update is due. You could spend a lot of money refurbishing the look and feel of your home. It’s easy to underestimate the cost of refinishing your floors or updating your kitchen cabinets. There is, however, a much easier way to modernize the look of your home without spending a fortune: contemporary windows treatments.
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How to Measure for Curtain Rods and Pick the Best Curtains for a Room

Hanging curtains for the first time? Follow these helpful tips on how to measure for curtain rods.

Curtains are one of the defining characteristics of any room, but the results aren’t as easy to come by as they may seem. “The most common mistake that people make when measuring for off-the-shelf drapery is the rod itself,” says interior designer, Maria Killam, Founder & Creator of Understanding Undertones. If you really want your curtains to make an impression, then you’ll want to understand how to measure for curtain rods before you do anything else.
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