How to Spark Joy With These Portable Closet Ideas

Enhance your storage space with portable closet ideas that spark joy and inspire organization.

There’s more to storage than just stuffing things into bins and shoving them into a closet. Sure, that gets the mess out of sight, but it doesn’t help to organize or otherwise minimize the clutter. You have to go further. You have to restore order. And some of these portable closet ideas will help you to do just that.
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How to Know Which Standard Decorative Pillow Sizes You Need to Get

There are multiple standard decorative pillow sizes to let you get creative with your comfort.

These days, a bewildered would-be decorator might well ask, “What are the standard decorative pillow sizes, and how the heck am I supposed to use them?” A TV dueling design duo used to argue about it regularly. Him: “There’s too much pillowing going on in here!” Her: “What’s your point?”
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How to Sit Pretty With These Square Seat Pads

Add style – and protection from your friends’ and family’s backsides – with square seat pads!

Did you know you could make yourself look more attractive just by sitting down at the kitchen table?

It’s true. Put a square seat pad on your kitchen (or dining room) chair, and you’ll improve your posture every time you sit. And, as Rebecca Gorrell, a movement therapist at the famed Canyon Ranch Spa, tells WebMD, “Good posture makes you look younger, thinner and taller. Other people will see you as more energetic and relaxed.”
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10 White Bedroom Ideas for a Serene Look

White is never boring if you leverage the experts’ stylish white bedroom ideas

Did you know that the Chinese philosophy of feng shui considers skin tones – from light porcelain to rich chocolate – as ideal for bedrooms? The Chinese have given millennia of thought to creating serenity and peace in one’s space, so why not choose a pale shade for your bedroom? White bedroom ideas abound in the decorating world because these shades suggest lightness and airiness.
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7 Tranquil Area Rug Styles That Will Make You Say Ohm

The right choices (lavender: yes, purple: no!) in area rug styles create warm, relaxing spaces in your home

If the heart of a home is the kitchen, what’s the heart of a single room? The answer? The rug. As designer David Scott says, an area rug should be the “soul of your room.” And once you’ve chosen it, the “color scheme, furniture placement, and accessories should all connect back to it.” So if you want to make your home a soothing, peaceful space, you start with the area rugs. But what area rug styles should you look for?
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10 Green Bedroom Ideas for an Earthy Feel

People won’t recognize the new, relaxed you that these green bedroom ideas deliver

Did you ever wonder where the term “green room” – where performers await their cue before going onstage – came from? Although the term’s origination is lost to history, one of the more modern ideas is that it’s because green is such a calming color. Indeed, green is as perfect for soothing the nerves of Stephen Colbert’s next guest as it is for green bedroom ideas to make that room a real oasis.
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How to Hang Framed Art

Get a whole new look for your home by learning how to hang framed art correctly


Remember that time you walked into a friend’s home and spotted a gorgeous display of artwork that made you drool with envy? Then there was the time you tried to hang wall décor, but it didn’t turn out anything like the magazine picture. You turned your walls into Swiss cheese, and later that night, a large framed print crashed to the floor.
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How to Organize Shoes in a Small Closet

If you have a movie-star shoe collection, but lack a movie star mansion, find out how to organize shoes in a small closet.

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

Who would disagree with Marilyn Monroe?

Of course, Marilyn never actually had to figure out how to organize shoes in a small closet – she undoubtedly enjoyed plenty of room in spacious walk-in closets to store her collection. And many of us share her worthy goal of always having the right shoes on hand for world-conquering – but not many of us have Marilyn’s money, so we have to be ingenious in finding space for the ultimate shoe collection.
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10 Bodacious Blue Bedroom Ideas from Interior Designers

For a balance of tranquility and style, check out these blue bedroom ideas from the professionals and see how they can work for you.

Your bedroom is the most intimate space in your house. It makes sense, then, that you should do all you can to make it relaxing and inviting. Several recent studies have suggested that blue is the ideal color for achieving both moods. Whether you use it as your color palette or just infuse a few accents here and there, the professionals have some stylish blue bedroom ideas that are both effective and inspiring without breaking the bank.
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Ocean Themed Bedroom Ideas For the Summer or a Guest Room

It’s the perfect time of year to think about ocean themed bedroom ideas that will have you dreaming of salty surfs and breezy beaches all night long.

Whether or not you live near the beach, summer is the perfect time of year to channel a seaside setting in the bedroom. After all, who doesn’t want to drift to sleep under a salty sea breeze, the sound of the ocean tide in the distance? Of course, there are no ocean themed bedroom ideas that can take you closer to the sea, but they sure can help to bring the ocean closer to you.
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10 Picture Hanging Ideas for a Photo Wall


Turn any wall into a work of art with these picture hanging ideas.

Are your walls looking a little empty lately? Or perhaps you just need a change of scenery? Whatever your reason, filling up a wall with photos is a fun project with a very satisfying result. And while there’s no single correct way to do the job, we do have a few picture hanging ideas we think will help inspire you as you plan for your newest decorative masterpiece.
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10 Great Grey Bedroom Ideas from Interior Designers

Dark doesn’t have to mean dismal. Check out these 10 grey bedroom ideas from the experts that will turn your sleeping space into a sanctuary.

Some people believe that only bright colors belong in the bedroom. The truth is, many bright colors are thought to disrupt sleeping patterns. Blues, greens, light purples, and—you guessed it—grays are believed to be better options to get the shut-eye you need. While the first three don’t require much instruction, grey bedroom ideas can be difficult to drum up. Fortunately, we know some experts who can guide us along.
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Cute Minimalist Apartment Ideas That Relieve Stress and Promote General Wellbeing

Are clutter and color bringing down the mood in your home? Cheer up with minimalist apartment ideas.

Apartment living can be tough. Clutter and disorganization often diminish our small spaces and make us feel overwhelmed, which can contribute to stress, depression, and more.

Apartment dwellers don’t have to live this way, though. Minimalist interior design is becoming increasingly popular as a way to combat negative energy inside your living space while maintaining tasteful, elegant environments that encourage happiness, productivity, and peace. Implementing just a few minimalist apartment ideas can improve your mood, help you sleep, and boost relaxation.
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