wearing shoes indoors

Why Wearing Shoes Indoors is The Most Disgusting Thing You Could Do

Prepare to be shocked at what’s coming into your home when you’re wearing shoes indoors

“I don’t really think that much about it,” said New Jersey mom Michelle Ciocon. But this mom was about to discover why wearing shoes indoors is the most disgusting thing you can do!

Ciocon may not think much about the bottom of her shoes, but when she went on a segment of Good Morning America, she found out that wearing shoes indoors could put her family at risk.

wearing shoes indoors

Clostridium difficile, or C. diff, e. coli, and another 421,000 bacteria are on the bottom of your shoes. The most harmful of these bacteria can give you anything from stomach upset to a fatal infection.

And what of Ms. Ciocon? When Good Morning America tested her shoes, they found 66 million organisms. And just for some context, yes, your shoes are dirtier than your toilet seat.


Beyond bacteria: Adding to the 421,000 reasons you don’t want to wear your shoes inside

wearing shoes indoors

Besides the bacteria, other studies have shown that toxins such as lawn chemicals, coal tar from asphalt roads and parking lots, and chemicals in rainwater also wind up on people’s floors when they’re wearing shoes indoors.

An EPA study found that shoes can pick up some herbicides, such as 2,4-D, for up to a week after application, depositing more of the chemical on floors than you’d normally be exposed to even from non-organic fruits and vegetables.

Some of these herbicides may cause skin or eye irritation, which is especially relevant when you consider the fact that young children spend a lot of time on the floor – and put their hands in their mouths constantly. Your shoes can also bring in lead dust, along with dirt, mud, and whatever else you might have walked through.

Barefoot is beautiful

If all this doesn’t make you want to stop wearing shoes indoors, consider that your home will simply look cleaner as well, and hardwood floors and carpets will last longer without having dirt ground into them with every step you take.

Some cultures, such as in Asia, have been going barefoot indoors for millennia. The practice started to keep the home clean, and in addition, many Asian cultures believe it is a good health practice to be barefoot. After practicing reflexology for over 5,000 years, the Chinese know that being barefoot allows for the stimulation of pressure points, which is especially important when your feet have been confined to shoes all day.

wearing shoes indoors

Other countries have similar traditions, if for different reasons. Nordic homeowners are wary of ice and grit during winter, and Muslims pray five times a day, always on their floors, so clean floors are even more important than ever.

Of course, you don’t have to go barefoot. Consider keeping a supply of fresh, clean slippers near the door. Better yet, stash them in an entryway bench, which means no one has to balance on one foot to remove a shoe and replace it with a slipper.

Another option is to keep a shoe rack next to the door to keep track of footwear for your entire family and guests. You may even find that everyday shoes simply stay there, freeing up space in your closet. You can always got for smaller options if you don’t have a large family or lack space in your entryway.

If you just can’t imagine making everyone take their shoes off – especially guests who might be uncomfortable with the idea – give yourself at least some protection by placing welcome mats at every door, and asking people to wipe their feet before they come in.

wearing shoes indoors

Another option is to use rugs along the busiest pathways in your home. If you buy washable rugs, so much the better. Wash them often in hot water to minimize the presence of unwanted “critters.”

With so many easy ways to prevent bringing bacteria – not to mention mud or snow – into your home, and perfectly good reasons to go barefoot or at least wear comfortable slippers, you may well decide to stop wearing shoes indoors.

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