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Have a Sliding Rug? How to Get a Grip On Your Carpet

The elusive, sliding rug: Maddening to deal with, messy looking – and dangerous

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, falls are the cause of half of all accidental deaths in the home. More alarming is the fact that most fall injuries in the home happen at ground level, not from an elevation. And that’s just one reason why taming that sliding rug should be a priority when you decorate your home.

Of course it’s also better for your mental health if you don’t have to reposition a rug day in and day out. Also, tackling your sliding rug problem with a rug pad prevents damage to the rug, because it prevents the fibers on the back of the rug from rubbing against flooring materials.

sliding rug

A rug pad also serves as a shock absorber for foot traffic, with the density of the pad preserving the rug’s pile, and helping the fibers spring back up after getting stepped on. This prolongs the life of the rug, and using a specialty rug pad for rugs laid on top of carpet even prevents stretching of the rug.


The solution to sliding rugs: Rug grips

The array of rug pads and grippers available is bewildering. But they can be organized into several groups to help you decide. The most common and least expensive is the open-weave polyvinyl or latex pad, which uses suction power to keep rugs in place when we walk on them.01-have-a-sliding-rug-how-to-get-a-grip-on-your-carpet

These kinds of grips, such as the Cushioned Grip Rug Pad and the Super Grip Rug Pad, are perfect for areas where you don’t want your rug too high off the floor, such as under a door-swing radius.

Other rubber-based products have chemicals added to make them stick to your floors. Some of these can damage flooring, however, so look for the newer kind of pads that are engineered to release with the rug pad when it’s removed, instead of staying on the floor.

Felt is a favorite material for rug pads because it feels luxurious underfoot and offers both thermal and sound insulation. Some of these come with a rubber backing to prevent sliding rugs while providing the benefits of felt. Other, similar products are made of synthetic fibers and offers a more affordable alternative to felt.

Another option often seen in carpet and other home décor stores are triangular-shaped grippers for rug corners, made of polyurethane, polyester, and paper, which use a tacky grip polymer technology that the manufacturer says won’t leave residue behind or damage your floors.sliding rug

Finally, grippers intended for use on hard floors just won’t work on carpet, so you can buy specialty rug grippers that are designed to hold a sliding rug in place on top of carpet.

Gripper pads come in various sizes and, except for very thick felt pads, are easy to cut to size with ordinary scissors. Your rug pad should be about 1 inch smaller on all sides than the rug size to allow the edges of the rug to relax to the floor, according to Sam Kaoud, principal of Rug Pad Corner.

Many companies will custom cut pads to fit an area rug, including in oval, circle, and odd shapes. Most rug pads are available in widths up to 12 feet. For area rugs with a width larger than 12 feet, some companies secure two pieces together with carpet tape.

Rug tape is another widely available option that some people like. However, most experts point out that the adhesives in rug tape can be hard to remove, leave residue on your floors, and even deteriorate over time, causing damage to the floor.

Other options to corral that sliding rug

If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, there are many options to choose from to solve your slippery rug problem. For example, cutting rubber shelf liners to fit underneath a small area rug is one money-saving option. Some people combine rug tape with the shelf liner.sliding rug

Another option is to lay down strips of silicone caulk or hot glue on the bottom of your rug and spread it to reduce the bulk, then let it dry. This gives your rug its slip-resistant backing. Another suggestion is to use Command® strips just as you would to attach lightweight art to the wall.

Whatever kind of rug grip you choose, you can start your decorating journey with’s large selection of rugs – all discounted in price, never quality. And the experts all agree: the rug pads are just as important as the rug, so when you’ve chosen your rugs, you’ll find we also offer the premium rug grips you need, too. Happy decorating, and be safe out there!

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