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15 Simple Suggestions for Setting up the Best Guest Bed

It takes more care than money to provide the best guest bed to your visitors

We’ve all heard at least one horror story.

The host who was embarrassed when her guests stripped the sheets from her best guest bed and spotted that stain from the last guest’s spilled coffee.

And how many people have slept on an air mattress, only to find themselves in intimate contact with the floor by midnight?

Fear not. No matter where you live or what your home’s layout, you can deliver the best guest bed experience possible to all your visitors, and it doesn’t even cost an arm and a leg.

The most important consideration for guests, of course, is comfort. And for you, the key factors are cost and, depending on how much space you have, portability. And whatever you decide to buy, it’s a good idea to spend a few nights on it yourself. Most mattress options can be returned, and why would you want your guests to sleep on something that you find uncomfortable?

best guest bed

Here are some of the best guest bed options around

1. Standard mattress

Believe it or not, there are some very affordable, hight quality, comfortable mattresses out there. Consumer Reports reports on some of the least expensive models that scored well on their comfort tests.

In queen size without a box spring, these include a $500 option from Denver Mattress, an $800 memory foam mattress from Costco and even a $400 model from Ikea.

2. Air mattress

Air mattresses have come a long way since your early camping days. You can find good quality mattresses for as little as $40 (without a pump). At the high end, you’ll pay $200 or more for a queen size in the “Cadillac” of inflatable mattresses, complete with pre-set firmness settings and an auxiliary pump that automatically comes on to keep the mattress inflated to the selected firmness level all night.

Most standard bed linens fit these mattresses, and you can even put them on top of a box spring, sofa, or another mattress. Just be sure there are no slow leaks in your mattress before your guests arrive. Inflate it and monitor for a few days ahead of time.

3. Moroccan floor cushions

These are available from retailers like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Etsy and World Market for $40 to $500, and are a favorite for people with small spaces. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be arranged in all kinds of guest bed

4. Futon or daybed

Serving as a sofa by day, this option allows you to turn a den or office into a guest bedroom whenever necessary.

5. Trundle bed

When you have more guests than you have beds, consider a trundle bed. It stores underneath another bed when not in use, and rolls right out on wheels whenever you need it.

Turning any mattress into the best guest bed in town

Once you’ve chosen your mattress, it’s time to consider how to set it up to create the best possible night’s sleep for your guests. What kind of bed linens and pillows turn a mattress into a hotel-like experience?

6. All-white linens

Many hotels jumped on Westin’s “Heavenly Bed” all-white sheets and comforters. Guests felt the white bed was clean and luxurious, promising a good night’s sleep.

Some hotels have moved away from white towards neutral colors, but nearly all experts agree that prints are big turn-offs.

7. High-quality linens

Whatever color you choose, buy at least a 300 thread count sheet set. Hotels use sateen or percale, and natural fibers always create the best guest bed experience. best guest bed

8. Allergy-friendly extras

Even better, consider allergy–friendly accessories. Not every guest will have allergies, but it can’t hurt and will certainly help those who do!

9. Triple sheets

Hotels find that guests love the triple sheet experience, in which there’s a fitted sheet, a top sheet, a blanket or duvet, and a decorative top sheet, all of which are then tucked in.

10. Extra blanket or bed scarf

A folded blanket or bed scarf at the end of the bed looks sharp, and offers extra warmth in case your idea of comfort is different from your guest’s.

11. Down comforter

You can choose natural down or the less costly (and washable) synthetic down. Either way, these fluffy favorites make everyone feel cozy and comforted!

12. Pillows

First, how many? You don’t want your guests struggling to find room to sleep on a bed with dozens of pillows. So keep it simple. Start with two of the popular Euro pillows – 24”-26” square – that add visual impact and allow guests to sit up and read, watch TV and lounge in comfort.

Add a couple of good quality sleeping pillows in front, and perhaps one rectangular boudoir pillow for lower back support when your guest lounges. This is a great compromise between excess and frugality!

Other thoughtful accessories that make the best guest bed the best guest room

How else can you make your guest room inviting and peaceful? There are lots of nice touches you may want to add. best guest bed

13. Blinds

Don’t let blinding sunlight awaken your guests at dawn! Room-darkening shades prevent sunrise surprises.

14. Accent chairs

What if your guests don’t feel comfortable sitting on a bed to read? Offer them an alternative lounging option with a chaise lounger in subtle neutral colors that will match almost any color scheme.

15. Other ideas for guest comfort

Nightlights in the hallway and bathroom, nightstands, bedside lamps and reading material are all great additions. Use your imagination, and consider what you’d enjoy if it were your own bedroom!

Best of all, it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to set up the best guest bed and a welcoming guest bedroom, especially when you shop at From bedding to accessories, you always get discounted prices on high-quality pieces for your home.