cute quilt sets

6 Really Cute Quilt Sets for Your Little Sleepyhead

These cute quilt sets are the inspiration for cozy, fun, personality-filled bedrooms

Imagine if the children in your life to wanted to be sent to their rooms. You’d have to come up with a whole new method of discipline! But from these cute quilt sets to all the other accessories you can choose, you love those children and want to create fun, inviting spaces for them.

In addition, it’s important for children to have a space that is practical and reflects their personality.

Achieving all that in one room sounds challenging, but luckily, when it comes to the different rooms in your home, the bedroom happens to offer a single, simple place to start: the bed. And the right cute quilt sets can get you off to the perfect decorating start.

cute quilt sets

6 Cute quilt sets to turn your little one’s bedroom into a cozy space

1. Traditional kids’ patterns

Nothing says “cute” like flowers and candy colors, and this Lilly Patch reversible quilt set has both in abundance. Your little one can choose the cotton-candy pink side with its scattered flowers in darker pink and blue, or the white side with squares in yellow, mint green, pink and purple, each containing a flower, butterfly or other childhood favorites.

Either way, you’ll want to take inspiration from this cute quilt set for the rest of the room by sticking with flowery designs for smaller accent pieces such as wall art and lamps, and painting the wall a solid color pulled from the quilt.cute quilt sets

2. From little flyer to big pilot

Here’s an idea that can take your young pilot from toddler to pre-teen and beyond. This Flyin’ High reversible quilt features a white background with planes and helicopters flying about in dark reds and teals. Add pale blue walls and some peel and stick cloud decals and you’ve got yourself a sweet little aviator’s room!

As your little one grows up, flip the quilt over for a change of décor. Now you’ve got stripes in teal and white for a more sophisticated look. Then you can use the stripes as inspiration by adding accessories in other classic designs – dots and plaids, for example. Go with matching teal walls, for example, and add these simple Cordless Celestial Shades to echo the stripes in the quilt!

3. What it’s owl about

With owls being such a popular image with kids (and even adults!) these days, this cute quilt set, which is also reversible, is sure to be a hit for a little ornithologist. The owls, in pink, burgundy and purple, sit on a pristine white background, and the reverse features stripes in pink, burgundy, purple, orange and aqua on white.cute quilt sets

So for either side of the quilt, you could choose pink, burgundy or purple as the wall color, and add simple white macramé curtains for streamlined style without overwhelming the room in patterns. Flipping the quilt gives you a new look but won’t require new accessory colors!

4. Big, bold statement

If you’re not crazy about patterns, or just want to wait a bit until your child’s personal tastes develop, how about making a statement with a solid, bold color? Try this Colour Tones reversible comforter in dark blue/light blue or dark green/light green, and add patterns in complementary colors in accent pieces.

Make it a Cape Cod-style room with these angel fish toss pillows on the bed, and add fish to the walls with these (Roommate wall decals, or this Under the Sea border. Keep the window treatments crisp and nautical with shades and a Sailboats valance.

5. Little person with a big love for science

Lots of little boys and girls have interests that range far beyond owls, oceans, and flowers! How about a fun trip to outer space with this Blast-off quilt set featuring space images on a dark blue “sky.”

Add an outer space-themed area rug, tailor-made to go with the quilt. Make the room more cute quilt setscelestial by pulling out the quilt’s accent colors of orange and yellow, using a sunny yellow on the wall and adding orange toss pillows to the bed. Voilà! You have a room for a science-loving boy or girl!

6. Traditional tots

Finally, if your little one finds cars absolutely fascinating, how about a Traffic Jam quilt set? With cars in dark blue, dark red, medium blue and brown, all driving on light blue roads with a white background, there are plenty of color choices here for accessorizing. For example, you can work with the brown by anchoring the space with this sturdy outdoor rug featuring brown-on-brown stripes – and plenty of rugged durability to stand up to an active little racer!

Whatever you choose, you’ll find good quality and practicality at surprisingly affordable prices for children’s bed linens at, where almost all of our quilt sets are reversible to stand up to the rigors of children’s lives and their changing tastes. And be sure to check us out for dozens of ideas for accessorizing your favorite little one’s personal space, like these:

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Create an undersea fantasy with the Mermaid Fun Reversible Juvenile Quilt Set.

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