Finding the Perfect Bedding for Your Guest Bedroom

You might have the perfect area rugs and tier curtains in your guest bedroom, but if it’s not comfortable, your efforts may fall flat. When people spend time away from their own homes with loved ones, they want to be as comfortable as possible. As the host, it’s your job to make this happen.

One way to do so is to put time and effort into finding the perfect bedding. Oftentimes, bedding can make or break a bedroom, whether it’s the master or a guest room.

When shopping for bedding for your guest room, take the existing decor into consideration. If the room is already full of figurines and decorative area rugs, don’t make the situation any more dizzying with patterned bedding. Go with something subtle that can make your guests feel welcome.

Think about the seasons while shopping for guest room bedding as well. You may want to have two or three different sets to switch out throughout the year. Use heavy jersey sheets during the winter, then switch to a light comforter during the summer. This can help you make sure your guests have a comfortable, pleasant stay.