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How to Design a Luxury Guest Bedroom Your Guests Will Adore

You don’t have to spend like a celebrity to get a celebrity-styled luxury guest bedroom

If there’s one thing that lavishly-paid celebrities agree on in a luxury guest bedroom, it’s white bed linens. Celebrities from Courteney Cox to Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick to Cameron Diaz (have all jumped on this high-end hotel trend.

The all-white look took hotels by storm because it creates a haven of serenity and sparkling, clean comfort. Your guests will enjoy it for the same reason.

On top of that, one of the first tips any decorator will give you for making guests feel delightfully pampered is to use high-thread-count cotton sheets. Designer Eileen Gould reports that her clients prefer “fabrics that are soft and comfortable,” generally organic fabrics such as silk and cotton.

Add it all up and what you get? The perfect bed linens for your guests.

What a great starting point for a luxury guest bedroom! Now, how else can you make guests feel welcome?luxury guest bedroom

How to create a lavish guest bedroom experience

Once you get started with the hot white bed linen trend, don’t stop. Add a cozy yet practical comforter; go with a subdued white tone-on-tone or a simple paisley pattern that’s soothing to the eye.

Next, consider whether the room could use a coat of paint. If so, keep in mind that blue, especially pastel shades, tends to create feelings of safety and serenity.

At the same time, one of the other hot trends in bedrooms is using strong colors on at least one wall. Deep navy or indigo blue, dark gray and luscious chocolate brown are popular choices because they’re soothing and subdued, creating a relaxing guest bedroom

Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland chose a deep ocean blue for the wall behind his bed, and Ralph Lauren opted for an overall pale blue with other beachy tones. All of these colors would blend seamlessly with a white bed. This luxury guest bedroom is really starting to come together!

Other big trends in decorating bedrooms, enjoyed by celebrities like Hilary Swank, include wallpaper. Popular patterns are big and bright, and definitely not as fussy as they were in the 1980s. New strippable papers make it a breeze to hang and even to change it out when you feel like it, so try it on at least one wall of your new guest room and bask in the compliments.

Another thing to consider is that you don’t want your guests to be blinded by the light of the sun at dawn. Once you’ve picked the room’s colors, consider putting up something to keep out the sun’s rays, such as room-darkening mini blinds.

And for a luxurious feel, add curtains to pull the look together the look. The right curtains can even make your heating and cooling system calm by keeping outside temperatures guest bedroom

Another big trend in bedrooms will make the space feel truly glamorous: a statement light fixture, maybe even a chandelier. It could also be an oversized hanging shade or unique sculptural figure – as long as it’s big and bold enough to catch your eye when you enter the room.

And what about the bed itself? If you’re splurging, consider buying a sleek, contemporary four-poster bed. You don’t want a canopy or any big, ornate posts. Keep it simple and it will still say a lot about your sense of style. And nothing says “cozy” to guests like curling up in a four-poster!

In case you’re also buying other furniture or accessories, you might want to go with another current trend: Mid-century modern. The angular, Scandinavian style of this era blends well with everything, and you can pick up modern versions almost anywhere, so there’s no need to haunt antique shops.

Keep it clean

Of course, you may not be planning to redecorate your guest bedroom completely. After all, for most of us, extra bedrooms do double duty as storage spaces – at the very guest bedroom

But you can still achieve your luxury guest bedroom by keeping clutter to a minimum. Consider stashing a lot of your extra stuff away during guest visits, preferably in something that you can hide from sight, such as under-bed storage boxes, or attractive lidded storage boxes that can be left out in plain view.

Got a guest bedroom closet that you’d rather keep under wraps? Consider over-the-door hooks so guests don’t have to even open that closet door.

Use your imagination and experiment with these ideas for adding luxury and comfort to your guest bedroom. And whatever you need, start your shopping at, where we have all the luxury bedding you could ever want, along with everything else that will make your guests sing your praises!