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7 of the Best Bedspreads You’ll Never Get Tired of Sleeping On

Sleeping, reading, and breakfast in bed are always better when you choose the best bedspread.

When it comes to bedding, textile designer John Robshaw says,“I think more is more.” And the best bedspreads allow you to follow Robshaw’s advice: “Layering and having seasonal options is always key.”

“For instance, have a couple different sets of patterned sheets that you can swap out for variety, or coordinated quilts on hand when it’s too warm for a duvet.”

Bedspreads, quilts – the choices are endless. So here are seven of the best bedspreads – and coordinating bedding – that will make you want to jump right into bed!

best bedspreads

The best bedspread: 7 pathways to a luxurious night of sleep

1. Bedspread

This is a bed cover that lies on top of other bedding, with sides that fall to the floor, so you don’t need a bed skirt to hide the bed’s foundation. They come in a variety of weights and fabrics, and you can add layers of other bedding – as Robshaw recommends – to mix up your look. The elegant Ashton Chenille Bedspread, in six colors and made of 100% cotton, is a good example of a medium-weight bedspread. Or go bold with a nostalgic star bedspread set in six colors.

2. Shambest bedspreads

A sham is a covering for your pillow that can match or complement your bed covering. A sham protects your pillow from dust or dirt during the day, or you can use a sham-covered pillow for purely decorative purposes. Go with matching shams, or for a decorative look, use larger square shams, called Euro shams, behind standard-size sleeping pillows when the bed is made.

3. Comforter

A comforter keeps your bed cozy, but doesn’t reach the floor, and contains either natural goose down or a synthetic alternative. It’s usually made from cotton printed with a design. A down-alternative comforter can be used without a top sheet – perfect if you hate making the bed! – because you can put it right into the washing machine. Down-alternative comforters are also perfect for people with allergies.

Some people believe natural down makes the best bedspread. Down, while pricey, delivers the greatest comfort all year long, because it’s warm while still allow your body to “breathe” underneath it. Designer Taniya Nayak always opts for natural down because, she explains, “Bedding is not the place to skimp when it comes to saving money because a good night’s sleep is truly priceless.” But you can’t wash natural down, so use it only in a duvet cover or other washable cover.

4. Duvet/duvet coverbest bedspreads

A duvet is a plain white comforter, usually filled with natural down, and placed inside a printed-fabric duvet cover. The duvet cover is open on one end and is both decorative and washable. Again, because it’s washable, you can use it without a top sheet.

5. Quilt

A quilt is usually made of three layers – a woven fabric back, a layer of batting and a top, which is traditionally made of many pieces of cloth stitched together in interesting and artistic patterns. It is usually a medium weight bedspread, and can either fall all the way to the floor or, more often used with a bed skirt, or laid on top of a full-length bedspread. Most quilts come in multiple colors and feature elaborate decorative stitching.

6. Coverlet

This is a lightweight bedspread with only a thin layer of batting that’s usually quilted or woven. Lay it over a heavier bedspread as a decorative flourish, or use it by itself as the perfect warm-weather bedspread. It may or may not fall all the way to the floor.

7. Natural fiber beddingbest bedspreads

Whatever you choose from the best bedspread styles listed above, it’s important to consider the fabric on the outside! Cotton is breathable and won’t trap warm air around your body. Alternatively, cotton flannel will keep you warm and cozy during the winter months.

Other good choices are sateen, made of a blend of polyester, silk, and nylon and cool to the touch; bamboo, which feels luxurious, has anti-bacterial qualities and helps keep body temperature regulated; and linen, also a very breathable fabric.

You can swap out your bedding, depending on the season. Go with a lightweight coverlet in summer, and throw a thick comforter on your bed as the temperatures drop, or add a quilt on top of the coverlet.

But don’t stop at the weight and coziness of the bedspread you choose. Go with lighter colors that won’t absorb heat in the summer, and darker colors for winter. Or, if you don’t have space to store extra bedding, opt for a lightweight natural down duvet and cover, which will serve you well whatever the season.

And whatever turns out to be the best bedspread for you, you’ll always find a variety of styles and designs at, with discounted prices and high quality. As always, there’s also a great selection of colors to choose from, along with mattress pads, bed skirts, and pillows, so you can have the bedroom of your dreams, and a great night’s sleep too!

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