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Are Mattress Skirts Just a Really Big Sham?

Pull an entire room together with just the right mattress skirt

Although he doesn’t normally do such things, Steven Favreau of Favreau Design “had a bee in his bonnet” the day he decided to sew a mattress skirt himself for a client. “The bed skirt can set the tone for a room,” he says.

In that case, Favreau went with a tailored box pleat to keep a strong, masculine line. Mattress skirts can be frilly, shabby chic or sleek and modern, but as Favreau points out, they are the anchor for your look, whatever you prefer.

mattress skirts

Mattress skirts have many functions: They’re a useful way to bring additional pattern, color, and texture to the decor of the bedroom, but they also hide the box spring and anything you’re storing under the bed, and help reduce dust under the bed, too.

While some people choose to do without a skirt for a contemporary look, most people find them to be a necessity. Mattress skirts are usually made of the skirt that wraps around the bed, and the deck, the part that lies on top of the box spring and under the mattress.

Others are made without the deck and elasticized, so they wrap around the box spring, making it a snap to remove them for laundering.

Sugar, spice, and everything nicemattress skirts

Whatever your style, you can find the mattress skirt to match it. Ruffly skirts deliver a feminine style, although these skirts can work for any style depending on the pattern and color. You can even find skirts with tiers of ruffles, or made of pretty eyelet fabric for the ultimate in classic country chic.

Tailored skirts can be simply panels of fabric with no embellishments, or they can have crisp box pleats, in which two folds of fabric are folded away from each other in opposite directions. Another favorite tailored look is the inverted box pleat, in which the folds are folded towards each other.

Skirts are also a great place to add embellishments such as ribbon trims. On a plain skirt, these add just the right amount of weight to help anchor the décor around the bed. For instance, Favreau used inverted box pleats on his skirt, and the inside of the pleat was a striped ticking fabric – which he also used in other places around the room.

Most skirts are three-sided, but you can find four-sided skirts if you want to place your bed away from the wall so that the back is visible.

Once you’ve decided on your style, the most important step for picking your mattress skirt is size. You don’t want it too big, making it hang awkwardly on the floor. And if it’s too small, it won’t hang to the floor at all.mattress skirts

The critical measurement is the drop, which is the distance from the top of the box spring to the floor. Most bed skirts are made with a 14-15” drop, but larger ones are available.

To determine the correct size, put the bed and any rugs in the spot where you want them. Remove the bedding, place your thumb on the floor (don’t press it into the carpet) and measure from the top of the box spring to your thumb. Repeat this measurement around the box spring (but not at the corners, as they can be a bit higher than the rest of the box spring) to make sure the measurement is correct.

Caring for your mattress skirt

Skirts get dirty, as they live near the floor, so look for washable fabrics. If you have allergies, or you have pets who leave their furry mark on them, you may want to wash them every two to three months. Otherwise, twice a year will suffice, unless the skirt suffers a spill or stain.mattress skirts

Take them out of the dryer while they’re still slightly damp, or be prepared to iron them. Wrinkled mattress skirts make a room look messy. If you’ve chosen a luxury fabric such as velvet, use a soft-bristled vacuum attachment to clean it.

Bed skirts are more than just a luxury – they can be a necessity! So take the time to choose the right ones for your bedrooms, measure carefully, and then enjoy the polished look they give to bedrooms.

Skirts and other bedding accessories can get pricey, but at, the price is discounted – never the quality. And you’ll find many choices for a coordinated look in the bedroom!

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