bathroom soap storage

How to Bubble Your Way to Better Bathroom Soap Storage

From caddies to hose clamps to shoe organizers, tidy up with smart bathroom soap storage

A family-run business in Lebanon makes a soap that costs $2,800 for a single bar. Now that’s something that calls for some serious bathroom soap storage! A safe, perhaps?

Before you ask … yes, it is made of gold. Gold and diamond powder, to be precise.

Of course, most of us don’t own soap – or any bath products, for that matter – that are so expensive. Still, we all need bars, liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner and a host of other products kept at hand in the bathroom.

The eternal question is, what’s the best way to keep all those products organized? We’ve all seen bathtubs and showers where every corner is crammed with bottles collecting mold around the bottoms. There has to be a better way.

So let’s consider some tips and tricks for bathroom soap storage that will keep everything neat, conveniently at hand, and as clean as possible.

bathroom soap storage

The ever-popular shower caddy

Millions of people solve their bathroom soap storage requirements with a classic chrome shower caddy hanging over the shower head. Any good caddy should have suction cups to keep it from sliding away from the wall and off the showerhead, along with hooks at the bottom for bath poufs and loofahs.

Pro tip #1: If your shower caddy still slides down the showerhead, try using an automotive hose clamp in front of it to keep it in place.

But what if your shower caddy doesn’t hold everything you need? There’s still only one showerhead! Ah, but there’s a hack for that: Place a tension-mounted shower curtain rod across the back of your shower, and attach as many caddies as you need to it with S hooks.bathroom soap storage

Or you can mount the curtain rod a few inches from the wall so it acts as a shelf for your bottles. Problem solved! And imagine how much bath product you can store in multiple caddies.

Another option is to use Command hooks or install knobs or coat hooks in the shower from which to hang caddies.

For that matter, caddies make great storage for extra bath products underneath the sink. Hang them from hooks to the sides of the cabinet, or just set them on the floor. They fit easily around the plumbing, and their rails keep bottles and boxes neatly corralled.

One reason shower caddies are so popular is that they’re made of chrome or vinyl wire, which allows water to drain off your products, reducing mold and mildew buildup. Solid shelving in the shower, on the other hand, is guaranteed to have standing water on it – which is guaranteed to develop that icky pink mold.

So whatever you choose for your bathroom soap storage, make sure it has good drainage to reduce standing water, mold, and mildew.

Pro tip #2: Don’t settle for the ho-hum plastic bottles that your shampoo, soap, and conditioner come in. Pour that product into an ornate soap dispenser and enjoy a luxurious spa look in your shower! Use a paint pen to label each one in your prettiest handwriting.

Other bathroom soap storage ideasbathroom soap storage

If you’re not a fan of caddies, consider plastic bins intended to store pencils and other desk items. Choose the kind that has lots of holes in it, and you can hang them from that curtain rod, too.

You can also hang them from a towel rod inside the shower. Attach them to the rod with shower curtain rings, and you can even use the rings to attach more bins below the first one.

Another option is to hang an inexpensive nylon shoe storage organizer from a curtain rod. Make sure the pockets are made from nylon mesh to allow for drainage, and you can pop just about anything you want into them. Nylon dries quickly to discourage mildew, and even if it does get dirty, you can pop it into the washing machine.

If you’ve got a small space, or if you just like to collect bath products, you won’t store everything inside the shower. If you have a small bathroom, that quickly becomes a storage problem.

One fun idea is to mount extra towel racks above the ones where you hang towels, and then attach pretty baskets from them to hold your products.

If have a spare corner in your bathroom, and you don’t want to build new storage yourself, buy an étagère and you’ve instantly added tons of new storage space!bathroom soap storage

Now you can use cute baskets, bowls, and jars to hold your collection of bath powder, bombs and soap.

Pro tip #3: Don’t spend a lot on bath display pieces! Hit up the nearest thrift shop for vintage bowls, cake stands, vases and other accessories that make beautiful displays for your fancy soaps!

Wherever you want to store your bathroom soap and other products, remember that we’re not called for nothing! From shower caddies to towel racks, we’ve got everything you need, and always at discounted prices!

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