Creative Ways to Display Your Collection

As a collector, you dedicate a lot of time and effort to finding your prized possessions. That means you should be proud of showing them off for all to see! There’s no reason that fancy china should be tucked away in your kitchen drawers. Likewise, all of the vases you’ve gathered over the years should be organized and on display! You should be showing off that passion as an aesthetically pleasing piece in your home.

Not sure where to get started? Here are a few creative ways to display your collection:

Construct a backboard
It’s common to set up your bed frame without using a backboard nowadays. But that doesn’t mean you should necessarily leave the space empty. If you’re looking for a fun way to display your collection, consider constructing a backboard out of the items! Homedit said it makes a beautiful and unique wall hanging in any bedroom. If you’re looking to really show things off, hang them in the guestroom!

Use the mantel
Instead of using your living room mantel for candles and pictures, choose to show off your collection! This is the perfect display spot for all of your guests to see how passionate you are about your prized possessions.

Head to the bathroom
This might seem like an out-of-the-ordinary spot for your collection, but Better Homes and Gardens magazine suggested that it’s a great location for your goods if you need help coming up with a bathroom theme. Simply set your collection on the shelf and work the design scheme of the room around it.

Utilize a book shelf
Book shelves aren’t only for storing books. They’re great for displaying your collections, too! But if you want to maximize the shelf space, consider combining the two purposes to create a unique combination. Place books vertically and horizontally throughout the shelf and stack your collection pieces on top.

Dress up a display case
The easiest way to show off your collection is by placing it in a display case. But don’t just go for the old-fashioned wood-finished look, spruce it up! Repurpose an old display case by painting it a modern, sleek color. You could even give it a more vintage look after the paint job by taking sand paper to the corners. This is a simple way to give your home a rustic feel.