How to Know Which Standard Decorative Pillow Sizes You Need to Get

There are multiple standard decorative pillow sizes to let you get creative with your comfort.

These days, a bewildered would-be decorator might well ask, “What are the standard decorative pillow sizes, and how the heck am I supposed to use them?” A TV dueling design duo used to argue about it regularly. Him: “There’s too much pillowing going on in here!” Her: “What’s your point?”
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4 Alarming Truths About Fall Time Change That Will Surprise You

Most of what you know about the fall time change is just plain wrong

The world’s population is out of sync for eight months of the year. That is, it’s out of time synchronization, and the spring and fall time changes are the reason!

It’s true. When we hit the date for the fall time change, North America and Europe will finally catch up to Africa and Asia. But during Daylight Saving Time (DST), which launches in the spring and ends in the fall, our half of the world is on a different schedule from the other half.
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