10 Great Grey Bedroom Ideas from Interior Designers

Dark doesn’t have to mean dismal. Check out these 10 grey bedroom ideas from the experts that will turn your sleeping space into a sanctuary.

Some people believe that only bright colors belong in the bedroom. The truth is, many bright colors are thought to disrupt sleeping patterns. Blues, greens, light purples, and—you guessed it—grays are believed to be better options to get the shut-eye you need. While the first three don’t require much instruction, grey bedroom ideas can be difficult to drum up. Fortunately, we know some experts who can guide us along.
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Measuring for Curtains: From Rod to Fringe and Beyond

It may seem a simple task, but properly measuring for curtains requires precision and attention to detail.

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or you’re looking for a change, new window treatments are an exciting way to pull together a room’s design. But achieving that soft, gathered look takes some work. Precision and patience are essential when measuring for curtains of any length or style. Fortunately, anyone can do it with the right tools and tips. While you’ll have to procure the tools yourself, we’ve got the tips for you right here.
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Cute Minimalist Apartment Ideas That Relieve Stress and Promote General Wellbeing

Are clutter and color bringing down the mood in your home? Cheer up with minimalist apartment ideas.

Apartment living can be tough. Clutter and disorganization often diminish our small spaces and make us feel overwhelmed, which can contribute to stress, depression, and more.

Apartment dwellers don’t have to live this way, though. Minimalist interior design is becoming increasingly popular as a way to combat negative energy inside your living space while maintaining tasteful, elegant environments that encourage happiness, productivity, and peace. Implementing just a few minimalist apartment ideas can improve your mood, help you sleep, and boost relaxation.
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