How to Buy Lamp Shades: A Guide to Measuring Lamp Shades & Outfitting Your Home

The right lamp can make or break a room’s decor. Do you know how to buy lamp shades that complement your perfect design?

Lamps are a crucial part of any living space. Whether traditional or contemporary, lamps add as much character as they do light to the rooms they inhabit. As such, it’s important that you know how to buy lamp shades that will fulfill both functions without disrupting the overall style you’re looking to achieve for any given room.
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10 Country-Themed Bedroom Ideas For Your Log Cabin in the Woods

Come home to cozy with these country-themed bedroom ideas

“Invite a person to a log cabin in the woods for a weekend. The true personality emerges every time.” – Anne LaBastille, Author “Woodswoman I: Living Alone in the Adirondack Wilderness”

A log cabin invokes a great sense of nostalgia, tradition, and history. From the grand high ceilings of rusting hunting lodges to country farmhouses, with warm wood plank floors, we all want that feeling of coming home to a cozy space with a roaring fireplace on a chilly winter’s evening. When you decorate your cabin or if you want to bring the style and warmth of a log cabin into your home, start with these ten country-themed bedroom ideas.
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The Cost Benefits of Investing in Thermal Insulated Curtains in the Winter

Heating costs giving you the winter blues? Consider thermal insulated curtains for both style and savings.

Keeping your home warm in the winter can be both challenging and costly. The average cost of heating a home can run anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars each winter. And this year, the US Energy Information Administration predicts that heating costs will rise significantly for most homeowners, which means there’s no better time than now to invest in thermal insulated curtains.
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