Going Country: Braided Rugs, Burlap Curtains and Other Design Ideas For Your Home

For a farmhouse feel that will make you wonder where the barn and animals are, bring home country braided rugs, prints with a check or plaid pattern, or textures such as wood and burlap.

You’ve been decorating your home since before you even bought it—brainstorming ideas and creating design mood boards count—so you know that the smartest way to design is with accessories that can be packaged and swapped out when inspiration hits. If your newest style is farmhouse-chic, there are many ways to incorporate country living into your home.
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7 Benefits of Thermal Drapes in a Home

Spend a little more on thermal drapes to spend a whole lot less on your energy bills, and look good while doing it!

Interior design legend Billy Baldwin once said, “Comfort is perhaps the ultimate luxury.” And we all seek comfort in our homes.

When you were a kid, some days you would wake up to a blanket of white snow outside. Suddenly, waking up for school didn’t seem so bad because school was most definitely canceled, and instead, you were waking up for sledding. Mom might even cook you pancakes; the world was your oyster.
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5 Tips for Organizing Your Entryway

The space in an entryway can be utilized for good, but it often turns into the place where everyone decides to throw their personal items as they walk through the door. But this area in your home isn’t doomed in terms of organization – there are many solutions for turning a cluttered disaster into a functional, coordinated room.
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