The Perfect Color Scheme for Your Bathroom

When the time comes to redesign your bathroom, you should think about your own unique sense of style and tone. As the years go by, having the same tired look in rooms can be a major source of disappointment for many homeowners.

However, with a few changes, a once boring bathroom can become the envy of the neighborhood. When thinking about what changes to make, it’s perhaps best to start with new window treatments. According to many experts, one of the latest trends is installing wood blinds.
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Area Rugs for Patios

Screened-in porches are a great place for family and friends to gather for a barbecue or to celebrate everything from birthdays to the Fourth of July. And while the guests you invite will be the main factor that makes these spaces special, having the right items on hand is almost as important.
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Small Accents Can Have a Large Impact

Sometimes, adding a seemingly small accent to a room can make a world of difference. While many people spend large amounts of money on renovating entire rooms to make them more accommodating, occasionally a seemingly small change can do the trick.

One thing that can really help accentuate the positives in any living space are toppers on curtains. While it may seem minor, dressing up a plain old curtain with a handsome arrangement on top could be a cost-effective way of sprucing up the space.
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Redesigning Your Grown Up Child’s Room

When your children leave for college it can cause a fair amount of apprehension for parents. Yet, once they are dropped off at school, you may find that the newly vacant room is ready for some redecorating.

And while some children may feel that redesigning the room they grew up in isn’t fair, it’s important to put your foot down and lay claim to the rooms in the house that you own. When you begin the process, think about the space constraints and how you want to redesign it to fit your needs. If you’re trying to convert it into a study, consider purchasing an area rug, window treatments and a new desk next to a window.
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Kitchen Shades are Key

Many of us women find the activity of preparing meals both relaxing and rewarding, putting in our own ingredients to be served to loved ones gathered around the table. Adding accessories to your kitchen can make the process even more enjoyable as you mix and match different flavors.
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Designing a Home with Limited Space

In many places, especially heavily inhabited urban areas, apartments have limited space. However, by purchasing the right products, even the most cramped dwelling in New York City can feel more vast than it actually is.

One of the best places to start when trying to make a space open up more is to install the right window treatments. Hanging cloth curtains over the most central window will not only open up the room and give it a refined feel, it will also provide a level of privacy. The curtains can also be lifted on sunny days to let in natural sunlight and have the natural rays pour over your face.
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Business Executive Bedding

It’s tough out there these days for high-level business executives. With much of the country facing hardships due to the economic downturn, it can be difficult to stay positive. Yet, there are certain places that we have grown to depend on to take away the stresses of everyday life.
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Curtain Call: The Secret to a Fabulous Home

There are many things that ladies who care about the look of their home can do to set it apart from a boring, run-of-the-mill household. Perhaps one of the best courses of action is to install good-looking curtains.

While it may seem like a minor detail, selecting the right accents in your home will garner respect from friends and neighbors. By purchasing Cape Cod curtains and placing them above each window in a living room, people will see that the design of your humble abode is important to you.
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Making Your Dorm Special Using Area Rugs and Other Items

While in the past it may have been completely acceptable to hang black light posters and plug in a few lava lamps to decorate a dorm, these days many college students are making a stylishly designed room a top priority.

One of the first accents that can really tie a room together is a soft and elegant rug. A person must choose whether their main concern is the look of the area rug or the comfort level. While softer items can feel better on someone’s bare feet, they can sometimes look unsophisticated. Having said that, more refined-looking rugs may not be as pleasant to stand on. This is why it may be best to strike a delicate balance.
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