Add Decorative Fabrics on Your Bedding for a Pop of Color

Are you scared to commit to a bedding set that features bold colors? It’s okay if you’d rather go for the simple crisp white linens as opposed to the bright orange option – it’s only natural to think that a bold color on a mattress might just be too overpowering, especially if the bedroom is a small space. However, there are still many things that you can do to add a pop of color to your neutral linens.
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Do Bachelors Need Window Treatments?

Most people visualize a bachelor pad as an undecorated space with nothing but the necessities like an overly stuffed recliner and a giant screen TV. However, men need some design in their space too – even when it comes to the windows.

Besides their practicality, window treatments look great and are easy additions to any space to add a pop of color and visual appeal. For a masculine look, guys can opt for drapes in neutral colors, like grey or black. Alternatives like roman shades can also add some extra oomph, whether in a bedroom or living room. In the kitchen, sheer curtains in a shorter length or valances can easily transform the space from drab to cool.
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Choose the Right Bedding Size for Your Mattress

Beds come in all shapes and forms around the world, but in the U.S., mattress sizes are normally categorized into four to six kinds that bedding manufacturers follow to ensure that the linens fit perfectly.

According to Sleepy’s, the twin size (39″ x 80″) is most common for children and daybeds. A variety of this is the Twin Extra Long, normally found in college dorm rooms, which is 5 inches longer that a regular twin.
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Turn Your Windows into the Focal Point of the Room with the Right Drapes

Windows are your gateway to the outside world. Not only do they bring natural lighting into your space, if there’s nice enough scenery within the vicinity, windows can be the perfect focal point in a setting. However, if the room is already crowded with a bunch of knickknacks, people might not notice the beautiful garden or the majestic mountain views right next to your humble abode.
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Practical Area Rugs for Your Space

A comfortable home has the perfect balance of form and function. Furnishings like the couch, for example, have to be cozy but they still should be appealing. The same can be said about area rugs – they’re meant to visually soften the look of hard surface areas but they also serve to make the room seem snug. So what kind of rug should you get for your space?
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Why Do You Need Mats in the Bathroom?

Mats are simple accessories in the bathroom that many tend to forget, until they’re no longer under their feet! When redecorating your space, it’s important not to forget the little details so that you’ll have a comfortable experience in the room.

Rugs in the bathroom actually have several purposes. First, they act as comfy cushions that you can step on when a cold winter morning tries to get the best of you. No one wants to walk on freezing tiles when you don’t have to! Additionally, mats act like sponges, taking in all the spilled water that can potentially be hazardous on a slippery tile.
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What Curtains Can Do for Your Living Space

It goes without saying that furniture is necessary for any living space. Whether you’re dealing with a standout couch or a table, different pieces come together to solidify the look of every room in one’s home. However, furniture is just that – furnishings. Without the right accessories to pull everything together, a space will inevitably feel incomplete. To evoke a warm and cozy atmosphere, you may have to accessorize using different materials – including fabric.
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